Change the swimsuit into sexy underwear

Change the swimsuit into sexy underwear

Change the swimsuit to the basic principle of sexy underwear

It takes some skills and details to change the swimsuit to sex underwear.First of all, you need to consider whether the swimsuit material is suitable for sexy underwear.Secondly, it is necessary to consider whether the style and design of the swimsuit is suitable for changing to sexy underwear.Finally, it is necessary to consider whether the sexy underwear after the transformation is comfortable and beautiful.

material selection

If you want to transform the swimsuit into sexy underwear, you first need to consider whether the material of the swimsuit is suitable for sexy underwear.Generally speaking, materials that have certain elasticity, soft and comfortable, and easy to clean are more suitable.Some common materials include elastic fiber, silk, lace, milk velvet, etc.Of course, the materials required for different erotic lingerie styles are also different.


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The style and design of the swimsuit also need to consider whether it is suitable for changing to sexy underwear.For some high -skinned swimsuit, you only need to transform it to become a sexy underwear with a certain temptation.For some traditional swimsuits, large transformations need to be made to become sexy underwear.For example, you can increase the decoration of lace, sequins, ribbons, and enhance its temptation.

Transformation process

You need to pay attention to some details during the swimwear reconstruction process.First, the swimsuit needs to be cut, and some fabrics are cut off or reduced according to the specific design needs.Then you can add some decorations, such as lace lace, diamonds, silk belts, etc. to enhance its aesthetic and temptation.After that, the underwear and the swimsuit need to be merged for sewing.Finally, you need to consider the comfort of the underwear, choose the appropriate chest pads and pads to enhance its comfort and aesthetics.

Common swimsuit renovation styles

Common swimsuit transformation styles include triangular underwear, bikini, off -shoulder skirts, suspenders, etc.Triangle underwear is one of the most common sexy lingerie styles. Some simple swimsuits can be directly changed to triangular underwear.Bikini is a more traditional swimsuit transformation style. You can choose different colors and materials to enhance its temptation.The off -the -shoulder skirt and suspender type are more suitable for wearing on the bed to enhance the charming feeling in the process of sex.

Fetomical underwear suitable for different scenes

Interest underwear can not only wear it on the bed, but also wear out.For daily wear, you can choose some simple and elegant sexy underwear.For example, white triangle underwear or black sling -style sexy underwear.For party or party occasions, you can choose some more bold and more colorful sexy underwear, which can attract attention even if wearing a coat.

With suggestions

In addition to the choice of erotic underwear itself, it is necessary to consider the problem of matching.You can also wear some coats or accessories, such as seeing short skirts, high heels, black stockings, etc., to enhance its sense of temptation.With different accessories, it can also reflect different sexy charm and increase playfulness.



You need to pay attention to some details of sexual underwear.First of all, you need to choose the appropriate size, too loose or too tight, which will affect comfort and aesthetics.Secondly, you need to do sufficient hygiene work before wearing, and keep your body clean and dry.Finally, when using a cleaning agent to clean the sex underwear, be careful not to dye the material or damage the decoration.

Sex underwear and self -expression

Wearing erotic underwear can not only increase the interest with your partner, but also enhance self -charm and self -confidence.Different erotic lingerie styles can reflect different personality or sexual preferences. You can use sexy underwear to express your personality and inner thoughts.

Select sexy underwear in combination with actual needs

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to combine your actual needs. Different erotic underwear is suitable for different occasions and people.You can choose some more basic and classic styles as the first choice. You can also try some new styles according to your personal preferences, and gradually find the sexy underwear that suits you best.


The swimsuit changes to sexy underwear can not only save costs, but also increase your DIY fun and creativity.At the same time, the sexy underwear designed and manufactured by himself is more in line with your own needs, and it can better reflect your own personality and charm.As long as you master some skills and details, it is not difficult to transform the swimsuit into sexy underwear.