Sex underwear on the street

Sex underwear on the street

Introduction: Sexy underwear Entering daily life

With the opening of social concepts and changes in people’s aesthetics, sexy underwear is no longer a "private" item in the traditional sense. More and more women have begun to try to incorporate sexy underwear into daily matching.Exclusive clothing on the occasion.

Step 1: Understand the basic knowledge of love underwear

Interest underwear is divided into a variety of models such as suspenders, stockings, underwear, bra, and bra. Different models are suitable for different occasions.The three most common sexy underwear are lace dotted slings, lace suits and slim -fitting pajamas.

Step 2: Get rid of the restraint of sexy underwear

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Many women’s impression of sexy underwear still stays on sexy and teasing these elements, and is still resistant to daily matching.In fact, sexy underwear is not a fixed restraint. We can selectively selectively sexy but elegant sexy underwear according to our style and occasion.

Step 3: How to match itself

When choosing sexy underwear, we need to consider the effect of the overall matching.For example, we can match the strap with high waist skirt or high waist pants, and use the sense of layering and length to create a visual impact; if you choose the bra and panties suits, we can match it with a long cardigan or jacket to highlight the stockings and shoes.Match, wear a sense of layering and personality.

Step 4: Reasonably choose color and style

When choosing colors and styles, we need to choose according to our body and personal characteristics. If you are petite girls, you can choose a bright color sexy underwear to create a bright image; girls with full shape, Reduce excessive visual impact on the body.

Step 5: Maintain the state of both inside and outside

When wearing sexy underwear, we need to pay attention to the state of both internal cultivation. We must not only let outsiders see you sexy, fashionable, but also make ourselves feel confident and comfortable.Choose your own jacket and accessories to improve the overall image.

Step 6: Don’t be too confusing and deliberate

Wearing erotic underwear every day, we should not express ourselves too much and deliberately, especially in formal occasions, we should pay attention to it.


Step 7: Show yourself appropriately and keep the scale

Wearing sexy underwear, we can show our sexy and femininity appropriately, but keep the scale, don’t be too publicized and exposed.

Step 8: Appreciate the beauty of sexy underwear design

The sexy underwear from Europe and the United States often has excellent design, which can reflect the elegance and charm of women itself.We can take this opportunity to appreciate and learn more sexy underwear design concepts and styles to improve our own aesthetic level.

Conclusion: Interesting underwear is a special enjoyment of daily wear

Interest underwear can enter daily, showing women’s confidence and charm in different forms. It is a special dress and enjoyment, allowing us to show more interesting charm in daily fashion matching.