Sex underwear production

Sex underwear production


Interesting underwear is a special type of underwear. It is popular with the public in its sexy, unique and teasing style, and its production has attracted much attention due to its special design and material choices.

Choose the right material

Selection of erotic underwear is very important, and the usual choices include silk, lace, fish net cloth, transparent plastic, etc.Different materials have different textures, luster, touch, and breathable, and need to be selected according to design needs.

Design unique style

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Design is an indispensable link in the production of sexy underwear. Designers need to have creativity and aesthetics. The combination of modern sexy elements and traditional design methods is used to create unique, fashionable and emotional sexy underwear design.

Choose a suitable size

The choice of sexy underwear size must be rigorous. Because the unique design of sexy underwear focuses on comfort, it is necessary to choose materials adapted to the body size to ensure the comfort and comfort of the sexy underwear.

Fighting suture technology

The sewing technology of sexy underwear needs to be solid, and in the process of production, it needs to be careful and patience to ensure the quality and safety of sexy underwear.

Color choice

Selection of sexy underwear has a variety of choices and needs to be selected according to actual use needs. Different colors will make people feel different emotional and visual impact.

Sophisticated underwear

Underwear lining is to ensure the appearance and quality assurance of sexy underwear. You need to choose high -quality underwear lining materials, which is adapted to the external material of sexy underwear.

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Pay attention to the aesthetics of details

During the production process of sexy underwear, the details determine the success or failure. The production needs to pay attention to the aesthetics of the details, pay attention to every detail of the underwear, and recognize the beauty of the body.

Professional sanitary disinfection treatment

Interesting underwear needs to be hygienic when using, and sexy underwear also needs to perform professional sanitary disinfection during the production process to ensure the health of the user.


Interesting underwear is a unique and sexy underwear. Its production process is slightly different from ordinary underwear. It needs to pay attention to material selection, design, size, etc., and ensure the quality of production.Feel this unique and sexy atmosphere when using sexy underwear.