Sex underwear sharing

Sex underwear sharing


As a special women’s underwear, sexy underwear has always attracted much attention.Different sexy lingerie styles present different sexy and charming, making women more confident and beautiful in sex.This article will share some popular sexy underwear types and styles in combination with my professional knowledge.

Sexy lingerie

Sexual feelings are the representative of sexy underwear.It is made of sexy materials such as lace, perspective network, and net pockets. It can fully present women’s sexy and charming, making men more passionate in sex.Its style and color are diverse, and the commonly used colors are black, red and white.The most common styles are bra and underwear suits. The popular styles include exposed milk and stockings suits.

Fun sexy underwear

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Uniform sex lingerie can give men the desire to conquer.It is usually based on various occupations such as doctors, nurses, police, flight attendants, etc., and uses the theme clothing design, which can make sex more interesting and exciting.The style of uniform sex lingerie is very diverse. It can be underwear suits or separate clothing, including short skirts, dresses, vests, etc.

Stomato sexy sheets

The sexy lingerie of the belly is revealing the woman’s navel and waist, which makes people feel very sexy and charming.Generally, special silk, lace, etc. are used, and a small amount of beads or lace can be added on the top of the bellyband.It can be worn alone or with other sexy underwear, adding more fun to sex.

Shoulder strap sexy underwear

The shoulder strap erotic underwear uses its special design to become an artifact that enhances women’s body curves.It can highlight women’s shoulders and chest lines, making women more sexy and tempting.You can choose tube top, camisole or off -the -shoulder shapes according to personal hobbies, which are suitable for people with confusion of sex.

Open sex panties

Open sexy underwear is a special panties style, which allows women to sexual sex without taking off her panties.Its style is usually one -third or half of the opening, and the use of the opening part can easily perform sex.This kind of underwear is mainly suitable for those who love to challenge and flirt.

Specifications sexy underwear

Specifications sexy underwear is a basic style of sexy underwear. It is mainly black, red, white and other colors. It is simple and generous. It is made of comfortable materials and is suitable for everyone to wear.There are many types, including push cups, abdomen, gathering, sexy and other styles.


European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear is usually characterized by sexy and noble, focusing on material texture, especially lace, which is soft, comfortable and delicate.Because European and American fashion trends have gone at the forefront of the world, European and American sexy underwear has also become one of the most popular sexy lingerie styles, including a variety of styles.

Japanese sexy underwear

Japanese sexy underwear is characterized by pure and sweet, and the world’s popularity is relatively high.Japanese sexy underwear style is between Europe and the United States and Chinese sexy underwear, which is more suitable for those exquisite and elegant women.It has a variety of styles, including cute lace lace and embroidery elements, and combines lace and mesh design to make women more attractive.

Interesting underwear maintenance and dressing skills

Interest underwear requires special maintenance and wear skills to avoid affecting the appearance and service life.After each use, the sexy lingerie should be cleaned and dry in a ventilated and dry place. Do not use bleach water and powerful detergent to avoid damage to the material.In addition, when wearing sexy underwear, you must pay attention to comfort. Choose sexy underwear styles and sizes that are suitable for your body characteristics, so as not to affect your health.


Interest underwear is a creative and sexy underwear that allows women to be more attractive and tempting, and add more colors and fun to sex.But we also pay attention to quality and comfort. Choose sexy underwear that suits us to make sex more healthy and beautiful.