Sex underwear tears

Sex underwear tears

Sex underwear tears

What is sexy underwear tearing?

Sexual underwear tear is usually a sex game between couples. One of them is designed to be designed as a sexy underwear that is easy to tear, and the other plays the role of tearing underwear.This game increases interest and pleasure, making sex more exciting.

Type of sexy underwear tear

Sex underwear tears can be divided into two types: rabbit girl style and maid style.The former is usually a sexy rabbit girl dress. The chest part is short, which is easy to be lifted. The latter is a Japanese -style maid costume. It is often tied with a bow or belt in the middle, which is very easy to tear.

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Selection of sexy underwear tearing

The choice of sexy underwear tears is very important. You should choose fabrics that are easy to tear, such as lace and satin.Those fibrous clothing may damage flexible fibers and cause damage to the skin.In addition, you can choose sexy underwear with regular and easy stretching.

How to maintain sexy underwear

Maintenance of sexy underwear is very important, especially those easy -to -tear styles.Wash it with warm water, you must not use a bleach, and process it according to the label of the clothes before drying.It is best to wash it with your hand and dip it in water with a towel.In addition, do not put sex underwear in a hot dryer.

Pay attention to balance

Before tearing in erotic underwear, ensure that both parties have common interests and sexual preferences.Moreover, when playing this kind of game, it is best to master the strength and frequency of both sides and strive to balance.Otherwise, it will cause harm to one of them, which will affect the quality and fun of sex.

be safe

To tear the sexy underwear, you need to be careful, and you should pay attention to some safety issues that may occur.For example, easy to collapse furniture, kitchen knife, and other sharp items are dangerous.Therefore, before tearing in erotic underwear, you need to check the environment to ensure that there is nothing to endanger your personal safety.

Don’t force


Tearing of sexy underwear is a process of participating in both parties. No one has the power to force the other party to do anything that he or she is unwilling.If your partner does not want to try to tear in sexy underwear, then please respect him or her thoughts.Or, you can try to stimulate the eroticism of both sides in other ways, such as playing or changing a brand new sexy underwear in fun.

The development trend of sexy underwear tears

In the past few years, sexy underwear tears has become a trend and mainstream.More and more couples are aware of the entertainment and irritating of this game, and buy more easy -to -tear sexy underwear in sexy lingerie shops.With the continuous improvement of people’s openness, sexy underwear tears is also expected to be widely accepted in the future.

Based on the scene to select

When choosing a style of tearing sex underwear, you should also pay attention to the factors of the scene.For example, when you are outdoors, you can choose a thin and easy -to -dry sexy underwear, and you can choose a more gorgeous and luxurious style at home.According to the scene, choosing the right style will help to better enjoy the fun of tearing of sexy underwear.


Falling underwear tear is a sex game that increases interest and pleasure.Choose the right sexy underwear, maintain them well, and pay attention to balance, pay attention to safety and not forced.In the future, sexy underwear tears is expected to be more widely accepted, making people more open and happy in sex.