Sexy underwear classification Daquan illustration

Sexy underwear classification Daquan illustration

Sexy underwear classification Daquan illustration

There are many types of sexy underwear, so what are the categories of them?This article will interpret you in detail about the classification of sexy underwear from material to styles, use to design, etc., and take you to understand the world of love lingerie.

1. Material classification

Material is the main factor affecting the comfort and texture of sexy underwear.According to the classification of materials, the sexy underwear can be divided into the following:

-Neton: Comfort and soft, transparent, suitable for daily wear.

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-The lace: sexy and charming, light texture, suitable for dating, party and other occasions.

-Sils: smooth and soft, smooth feel, suitable for special occasions.

-Sagi: Personality, cool shape, suitable for extreme interest.

2. Form classification

The form of sexy underwear is ever -changing, and the following forms are common:

-Inner panties: One of the most common styles in sexy underwear, generally divided into briefs, thongs, T pants, etc.

-Stipples: Generally divided into shoulder straps, vests, corsets, etc.

-Dids: Usually used with high heels, leather boots, lace stockings, beautiful legs+semi -dew+temptation, which is better.

-The tulle cover: light and transparent, simple and generous design, seemingly "not the same", but hidden a great sexy temptation.


3. Uses classification

Interest underwear has different uses, which can be divided into the following::

-The daily erotic lingerie: The judging it is comfort, personal sense, and inner refreshment, not exaggerated hygiene, setting off the gentle side of the woman.

-D date and sexy lingerie: sexy and romantic coexistence, the color is mostly dominated by black, dark red, dark blue, and mostly uses material with poor comfort, so it should not be too long to wear.

-Pocent sexy underwear: exaggerated shapes and bright colors, with a large extent showing women’s full figure as the main goal, usually with bikini, sex earrings, and sex hats, focusing on the overall effect display.

-Frilling sex lingerie: comfortable and free, closer to the inner world of women, consider the comprehensive consideration of time, occasion, skin and other comprehensiveness when choosing.

4. Style classification

Sexy underwear is also divided into different styles. The following are the following:

-Plene: Show with elegant colors and simple details, people feel the initial close.

-The sexy: cutting sexy, exposed to dresses, there will be a very deep impression on the proper co -ting dress.

-Function: Teachers, police, nurses and other professional dresss are one of the common styles in sexy underwear. It makes people imagine movie pictures such as troubled women, bad teenagers and other movies, which are very attractive.

-The cute: Show in the style of cuteness, the use of various cute elements and picture creativity is the first choice for many girls.

5. length classification

The length of the sexy underwear can be divided into the following:

-The short model: reveal the navel, sexy avant -garde.

-Ne model: not exposed, comfortable and practical.

-The long style: It is very atmospheric. She is a common long sexy underwear in the Asian market.

6. Color classification

Color is one of the most intuitive and most characteristic characteristics of sexy underwear. It can usually be divided into the following categories:

-Setis color: such as white, black, red, etc.

-Anly: such as purple, gold, silver, purple -red.

-The comprehensive department: combined with a variety of colors.

7. Design classification

The design of sexy underwear is properly related to the level of sexuality. We can discuss it in detail from the design classification.

-Baish: Bare design has a strong romantic feelings, the boundaries are unknown, and the boundaries of wearing and not wearing disappear.

-Pird: Perspective design is slightly conservative than naked and unattractive.

-Stracile: Stroke is one of the most common designs in sexy underwear. With special fancy and specific colors, it is particularly charming.

-Displane: The design of the suspender can relieve the pressure and make the wearer look more slender and charming.

-A absorption: If it is adsorbed, use the absorption of the material to create a personal sexy underwear, which is more sexy.

8. Retro classification

The retro design of sexy underwear is very fashionable and is considered as a fashion avant -garde. The following styles are common:

-The strong chest ring and wide belt, both sexy colors and strong retro atmosphere.

-The erotic underwear composed of lace, silk, cotton, leather and other materials, color also conforms to many popular retro elements.

-Apr. In addition to strong decorations such as three -dimensional, feathers, gems and lace, bras, brackets such as necklines, lace and butterflies, etc., are usually very cute design elements.

9. Gender classification

Gender classification is one of the very obvious indicators of sexy underwear. We can divide it into the following:

-Chopatical underwear: Usually there are subtle details and more skin -friendly fabrics, which maintain a balance between sexy and relaxation.

-Chnsishae underwear: It usually has more obvious sexy factors. The thick materials and the width and thickness of the male body are perfectly matched.

10. Environmental classification

One of the most important things to buy sex underwear is to pay attention to whether the quality and source of materials can ensure health and environmental protection.The characteristics of environmentally friendly sexy underwear are natural or environmentally friendly materials, which are non -toxic and tasteless.Attention to quality meets the requirements of environmental protection, and better care for our earth.

Views: There are many categories of sexy underwear, and the exquisite, avant -garde, fashion and other elements brought by their products have been re -recognized by consumers.Each category has its unique design, classified from the dimensions of materials, forms, and uses, and introduced the style that meets environmental requirements for the public, which helps consumers to better choose the appropriate sexy underwear according to their needs.At the same time, enhance your charm.