Sexy underwear is so complicated to wear

Sexy underwear is so complicated to wear

Sexy underwear is so complicated to wear

For modern women with successful careers, colorful life, and passionate sexual life, sexy underwear is a very popular fashion element.But many women found that they had trouble when wearing sexy underwear.Some women may be drowned by the subtle differences between details and the items, and others may not understand what is sexy underwear.No matter which category you belong to, there are some basic knowledge and tips here to help you wear sexy underwear to be more beautiful and charming.

1. Select the right size (FITTING is Everything)

Sexy underwear looks sexy and seductive, but if it is not suitable, it will seriously affect the comfort and appearance of the body.Don’t try to stuff you into a underwear with inappropriate sizes, or buy a sexy underwear that is bigger than you, thinking that this will bring more sexy temptations, and that will only shrink your body to get your body.smaller.Be sure to take the body size and find some scalability materials.Once you find the right size, you will feel more confident and more beautiful.

2. Simple style is easy to operate (Simplicity is Key)

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When choosing a style of sexy underwear, don’t let you be frightened by complex design and structure.Choosing a simpler sexy lingerie style is easier to wear and use.For example, the front buckle the bras, the cup-type milk sticker, the adjustment of the T-back underwear, the underwear on the beef knit, and the pantyhose with only one small button.These simple styles allow you to easily put on sexy underwear and show your own personality.

3. The choice of color should be simple and ruled (Stick with Basics)

When you first start contacting sexy underwear, choose some color, such as black, white, red, light pink and mint green, which is easier to match.For example, a black lace tie up skirt is matched with a red tulle robe, which feels very sexy.When you start to be more familiar with these colors and styles, consider more tedious designs.

4. Put the bra correctly (Wear Your Bra Correctly)

The bra is one of the most important part of sexy underwear.It can make your chest stronger and elastic, and easily complete various actions.However, many women are not clear about how to wear braes correctly.First, make sure that the strap is good.Secondly, press the "back buckle" and "front buckle" of the bra.Finally, adjust the position of the bra so that the cup is completely covered with the breast, and the position of the strap is adjusted so that the strap can fully support the breast.

5. Pay attention to the problem

When you put on a fascinating sexy underwear, a detail problem may destroy the overall effect.For example, when the sexy underwear you choose does not match, it is easy to appear messy. In this case, it is best to choose the color and style of the same underwear.In addition, the matching of sexy underwear is also very important.When you choose a sexy underwear, you must follow a color and style of matching.

6. Know your body shape (Know your body shape)

In particular, it is important to pay attention to the characteristics of its beauty.Therefore, it is more important to understand the characteristics and shapes of your body, choosing a sexy underwear that is consistent with the body.If you have a plump breast, a flexible bra will be more suitable for you; if your hips are full, and the tight -pants style of sexual panties will be more beautiful; if your waist is easy to accumulate fat, the soft waist circumference formula is beam the waist,The skirt may be a good match.


7. Find the feeling that suits you (Find Your Comfort Zone)

Wearing erotic underwear also means that you need to find the way you feel comfortable.Imagine whether you wear a set of sexy lingerie. When you walk, sit down, or bend your knees, it makes you feel comfortable and comfortable.As long as you wear sexy underwear to find the inside characteristics that are suitable for your body structure, you will feel that the action is more flexible and shows a sexy form.

8. Choose the right shoes (Choose the Right Footwear)

Unlike wearing ordinary underwear, sexy underwear is more challenging when choosing a suitable match.Choosing suitable high heels or flat shoes requires matching the color and style of the sexy underwear.If your sexy underwear is black, then you can choose a high -heeled black leather shoes, or a pair of high -heeled red shoes; if your sexy underwear is red, then you can choose a pairEssence

My point is that wearing sexy underwear can make women’s sexy charm to the greatest extent, but this requires women to invest more time in terms of choosing sexy underwear styles, colors, sizes and matching.Through considering these issues and pursuing perfection, women can get the highest quality sexy and fashionable effects.