Synthetic words of sexy underwear

Synthetic words of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is one of the sexy and beautiful symbols of modern women, and is very popular in domestic and foreign markets.In addition to the common name of sexy underwear, there are also some synonyms that are often used to describe this special underwear. This article will introduce you to various synonyms of sex underwear.

1. Sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is similar to that of sexy underwear, generally refers to underwear created by those designers to make women more sexy and beautiful.However, in use, sexy underwear emphasizes that women emit more sexy and beautiful temperaments in daily life, and sexy underwear pays more attention to adding interest and passion in the situation of interest.

Second, beautiful breast underwear

Beautiful breast underwear refers to underwear designed by those designers in order to make women’s breasts more upright and sexy.Beautiful breast underwear generally has the effect of strengthening support and enhancement. Through special design and fabric materials, it can highlight or shape women’s chest curves, thereby increasing women’s confidence.

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Third, perspective underwear

Perspective underwear refers to those underwear that is transparent, translucent or cut -out. This underwear can not only show women’s figure curves, but also allow women to show more sexy and charm in the scene of interest.The fabrics and textures of the underwear also pay more attention to the choice, because this directly affects the display effect of the underwear.

Fourth, lace underwear

Lace underwear refers to those underwear that uses lace fabrics and design. This underwear is very beautiful in appearance. Lace has very good visual effects, and it is also breathable and comfortable.However, the disadvantage of lace underwear is that it is relatively easy to make hair and require special maintenance.

Five, stockings

Stockings can also be regarded as a synonym, because it can also use sexy and charm in sex.The choice of stockings can also be carried out according to different ideas and needs, such as choosing different fabric materials, colors, etc.

Six, waist and waist

Bid -waist seal not only allows women to shape a very good figure curve in appearance, but also can make comfort and experiential performance better when wearing.Especially in terms of helping to restore the waist curve and narrowing the waist circumference, the effect of lumbar waist seal is also significant.

Seven, suspended underwear


Tsolo underwear has been very popular in recent years. It has a simple design and comfortable design. It supports the chest better, and it is very sexy in appearance.The fabrics used in suspenders are generally thin, breathable, and easier to clean and maintain.

Eight, pajamas

Interest pajamas can be regarded as a kind of sexy underwear. They are generally made of satin, lace, perspective fabric, etc., which are comfortable and rich in styles.The choice of sex pajamas mainly needs to be carried out according to the occasions and personal needs.

Nine, sets

Interest underwear suits are also very common, and it is different from ordinary underwear suits in design and material.The design style of sexy underwear suits is diverse, sexy and beautiful, and showing women’s figure curves. At the same time, the style is also relatively rich. You can choose according to different needs.

Ten, sexy bra

Sexy bras are more important in appearance, fabric and support. Its use is different from ordinary underwear. The tight or suspension design, plump or protruding effect to achieve the effect of highlighting women’s sexy beauty.

From the above -mentioned synonyms, it can be seen that sexy underwear is a special underwear with both beauty and sexy. It not only focuses on beautiful appearance, novel design, but also pays attention to wearing comfortable, material skin care, and can be selected according to different needs.Finally, for choosing a sexy underwear, women should pay attention to their quality and use, and choose the underwear that suits them to get better results and experience.