Taobao sex underwear picture review rules

Overview of Taobao sex underwear picture review rules

Taobao is one of the largest online shopping platforms in China and has many merchants selling sexy underwear.In order to ensure the legal, compliant, and standardized goods on the platform, Taobao has formulated a series of product review rules.Among them, the review rules of sexy underwear are relatively strict to ensure that the goods do not violate laws and regulations, do not affect consumer experience and business operations.The details of Taobao sex underwear picture review rules will be analyzed below.

The content prohibited in sexy underwear pictures

In the pictures of erotic underwear, any content that violates laws and regulations and Taobao, including but not limited to the following aspects:

Intellectual underwear pictures involving minors or child stars

Sexy underwear pictures of horror such as violence, bloody, bloody scenes

Porn and obscene sexy underwear pictures

Discrimination of discriminatory sexy sexy underwear pictures for gender, race, nationality, religious belief, etc.

Intellectual property of intellectual property rights of others

Pay attention to the details of sexy underwear pictures

In the pictures of sexy underwear, you also need to pay attention to some details to improve the passage of the audit:

Picture size requirements: at least 800*800 pixels, no more than 10MB

Picture authenticity: The picture must be taken in real photos, and there must be no PS traces

Picture angle and display: Pictures need to show the key parts of sexy underwear, and at the same time cannot be too naked.

Main map and detail map: Interesting lingerie Babes need at least one main picture and a detail map to allow buyers to understand product information in all aspects

Common questions for Taobao sex underwear pictures review

Although Taobao’s sexy underwear picture review rules are very strict for merchants, there are still some common problems:

The picture is unreal: Some merchants use the content of non -interesting underwear pictures as the representative picture of sexy underwear, which violates the requirements of authenticity.

Excessive exposure and teasing: In order to attract attention, some merchants use over -teasing and exposed sexy underwear pictures, causing failure to pass the review.

Infringement: When using sexy underwear pictures, some merchants use the content of infringing intellectual property rights of others, such as stolen pictures and gallery pictures, causing the audit to fail.

How to optimize the passage of sexy underwear pictures?

For the above -mentioned common problems, merchants can have the following optimization methods to improve the approval rate of sexy underwear pictures:

Use real erotic underwear pictures to avoid using pictures that are not in the real thing;

Reasonably control the exposure and teasing sex of sexy underwear, strictly follow Taobao regulations;

Avoid infringing intellectual property rights of others, adopt your own shooting or purchase copyright pictures;

Optimize the differentiation of the main map and the details, so that the buyer can better understand the product.

Recommendation and changes in the review rules of sex underwear picture review rules

Taobao’s rules for the review of sexy underwear will be updated and changed over time.Merchants need to pay close attention to changes in the rules and make corresponding adjustments as soon as possible.At the same time, Taobao will also learn from the picture review rules such as and other competitors to improve the competitiveness of the platform.

The importance of sexy underwear picture review

Fun underwear picture review is an important measure for Taobao to guarantee the rights and interests of merchants and consumers.For merchants, through review, it can get more opportunities to expose products and increase sales and income.For consumers, the qualified sexy underwear products can provide better product quality and better clothing experience.Therefore, merchants need to strictly abide by the rules of Taobao’s sexy underwear pictures, increase the approval rate, and increase operating income.

in conclusion

Taobao sex underwear picture review rules, as a measure for online shopping platforms, not only protect the rights and interests of businesses and consumers, but also an important measure to promote the economic development of the platform.Merchants need to strictly follow the rules, carry out realistic and stable operations, and achieve a win -win situation between the two parties.

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