Teach him to wear sexy underwear novels

Teach him to wear sexy underwear novels

Interest underwear has always been one of the most popular choices for women in the field of adult products.They are regarded as a project that increases sexual fun and injects a new experience into the intimate relationship between partners.However, for many men, learning to wear sexy underwear is a scary thing.If you are a novice, you don’t know where to start, the guidance provided in the article will be helpful.

1. Understand different sexy underwear types

First of all, you need to understand different types of sexy underwear to choose the right type for yourself.The types of sexy underwear include sexy underwear, lace underwear, student uniforms, nurse uniforms, cheongsam uniforms, beach skirts, three -point style, uniform temptation, etc.

2. Size is very important

You have to ensure that the size of the selected love underwear is consistent with your body proportion, which is the most important step.Otherwise, you will not be able to play the role of sexy underwear.If you are not sure which size it is, you can consult after -sales service personnel or professional guidelines for reading the Internet.

3. Try different colors

There are not only different types of sexy underwear, but also various colors, from black, red to transparent, and so on.You can choose color according to your taste and partner needs.You can choose sexy black sex lingerie and partner to enjoy her amazing, or red uniform underwear to stimulate her hobby.

4. Learn to correctly wear sexy underwear skills

It is easy to be ignored to wear sex underwear. Be sure to learn correctly wearing skills.Now, many sexy underwear is composed of hoods, tops and pants.If you don’t know which part is worn or tied first, you can view the instructions at any time or watch related online video tutorials.

5. Keep hardware clean

After buying a new sexy underwear and learning to wear skills, the important step of the next step is to ensure that the sexy underwear is always clean and fresh.You can follow the suggestions on the instructions or seek professional advice.Do not ignore the following points: adjust the mild washing method according to the characteristics of the fabric, use bags to clean the air -cushion -type sexy underwear, and then store it after fully drying.

6. Understand common errors and avoid methods

Although wearing a fun underwear may be simple, there are still some common mistakes.For example, if you take old suits or pajamas to rush to fill the sexy underwear, then it is wrong. This cannot achieve the effect you want.The correct method is to choose a style to ensure that there are appropriate sizes and find the right occasion.

7. It is recommended that you place sexy underwear to important places to make it common

If you want to enjoy more fun underwear, it is of great significance to prevent the underwear in a prominent place.It can be placed on the bedroom bed or places to pay attention to in the private field.In this way, you can always remind you of the existence of sexy underwear and your partner, so that you can try on more occasions.

8. Create a love atmosphere

When you decide to wear sexy underwear, create a proper atmosphere to ensure that the atmosphere is full of temptation.You can click the fragrant candle or play suitable music to create a more exciting physical and mental experience.

Viewpoint: Wearing erotic underwear can bring great fun to you and your partner.Not only can you try more self -confidence and improve sexual life experience, but also explore new opportunities in interaction with your partner.Always ensure that erotic underwear meets your needs and correctly wear care, which will make you more advantageous in intimate relationships.

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