The brand of sexy underwear is good

A brand overview

With the gradual popularization of erotic culture, the market of sexy underwear has become more and more broad.There are many sexy underwear brands on the market today, but they have their own advantages. Here are several well -known brands.

Victoria ’s Secret

Victoria’s secrets are famous for exquisite design and high -quality fabrics. It is one of the representative brands of American sex lingerie.Interesting underwear.

Mi Lianxiang Home Service (Myuziyu)

MUZIYU is a homewear brand from China. It mainly features high -quality fabrics, elegant design and fashion functions.Its underwear is not only exquisite in appearance, but also excellent quality and is suitable for daily wear.


The Lamb family is a Austrian erotic underwear brand. It is famous for its exquisite fabrics and details.Finding a balance between sexy and elegance reflects a fashionable atmosphere, suitable for women to wear on any occasion.

Ruki (Ruki)

Lu Kai is a company focusing on the design, production and sales of sexy underwear. According to the needs of women, different occasions and styles, it has created different styles of sexual and sexy underwear. It focuses on visual effects and sexy. It is deeply affected by young womenFavorite.

La Sposa (La Sposa)

Luo Xi is a French sexy underwear brand from France. It not only has exquisite knitting craftsmanship and perfect fabric matching, but also pays attention to functionality, which can make women’s body lines more beautiful.Its products are in excellent positions from sexy, comfortable to practicality, and are popular with consumers.

Beach is old (huit)

The old beach is a sexy underwear brand from France. It is characterized by comfortable, soft and elastic, suitable for women with different body shapes.Its design style is simple, classic, and there is no lack of fashion elements, such as lace, retro colors and stripes.


Lorenka is a Italian sexy underwear brand, which focuses on the fusion of retro and sexy, and often uses lace, perspective effects and details.Its products are not only suitable for formal occasions, but also for interior wearing.

Fluctuation (B.tempt’D)

Fluctuations are a brand from the United States. The most famous products are marking bra and seamless underwear. Its design style is simple and delicate.The volatile erotic underwear is mainly based on comfort, and is loved by young women.

Felina (felina)

From the inside out, it is a sexy underwear brand from Germany. It is famous for its superb fabrics and exquisite details.The sweetness and sexuality of this brand are suitable for various occasions. It is an ideal choice for women’s underworkns.

Brand recommendation

It is not easy to choose a brand that suits you in such many erotic underwear brands.Personally, I recommend Victoria’s secret brand because its quality is reliable and complete. It is a good choice for professionals and beginners.

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