The principal told me to wear sexy underwear

President at the opening ceremony of the school

This day is the most difficult day in my life.I was waiting for the beginning of the school ceremony in the crowd. I always felt that this was an important moment because this was where I realized my dream.But when the principal started speaking, my surprise was beyond imagination.

Defense invalid

During the speech, the principal suddenly proposed a strange demand -he asked me to wear a set of sexy underwear.My first reaction was to refuse, but he explained: "This will be a good publicity. After all, you are an expert in our school’s sexy underwear, and your name is so famous. This is for our school for our school.It will be a big thing. "

I tried to justify that this is not my job responsibilities, and I need to protect my image.But my opposition seems to be invalid, because he always has some ways to refute me.In the end, I had to hesitate to agree.

I found a suitable skirt in the store

But my question is, how do I wear?I don’t want to show any chest to the principal, and my waist is not very attractive.So I decided to go to our store to find a suitable clothes.

The clerk quickly found me a black skirt with patterns on it.The upper part of the skirt is tight, but it gradually releases below.I think this seems to be a good choice, so I decided to choose it.

Applying care products

But now there is still a problem -I hope my skin looks young and healthy, so I need to apply some moisturizers and body oil.I took out the care products I often used and carefully applied to all parts of my body.

This reminds me that if everyone treats themselves carefully like me, they will find that their skin and body will become healthier and smooth.

make up

Next, I was busy in front of the mirror.I tried to make myself look more sexy while I didn’t make myself look too exaggerated.I sweep Qi Er bangs aside, and then apply the whole face with foundation.

Then I used the eyeliner to outline the eyeliner and apply it on my lips with lipstick.I found that this made my face look more colorful than usual, and obviously made people feel more confident.

Put on underwear and skirts

When I put on underwear, I immediately felt its comfort.It is close to my skin, but it will not restrain me.Through the mirror, I was surprised to find that my upper body looked more sexy than I thought.

Next, I put on the black skirt. Compared with the top, it was more slim and made me look slimmer.I feel like a sexy girl, showing my charm.

Feeling of the game

When I came to school, I found that there were people everywhere on campus, and they were all watching me.This makes me feel nervous, but at the same time there is an expectation -I seem to participate in a competition, and I represent the field of sexy underwear.

Audience’s response

When I walked to the open -air theater at the school, I could hear applause, and there were some whispering of the audience.I kept telling myself to keep calm and not nervous, but this identity really embarrassed me.

my point of view

In the end, I walked across the bridge and stood in front of the principal.I feel my body is trembling, but at the same time my body naturally shows my beauty.I believe that this is not only sexy underwear, but also the expression of my body and a belief -I know that I am beautiful, and I am not shy to show my charm.

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident, no matter what your appearance looks, how old you are.Sexy underwear can help you feel deeply confident in your heart and show your own beauty.

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