Tmall’s bellyband sexy underwear

Type of Tmall’s bellyband sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a popular fashion style. Among them, Tmall’s bellyband sexy underwear is an important part of it.There are many types of sexy underwear in Tmall belly, including some stylish and sexy styles, such as the following types listed:

Lace -in -law sexy underwear

Yuguang bellyband sexy underwear

Thin bellyband sexy underwear

Mini bellyband sexy underwear

Retro Stomato Interesting Pleuel

Lace -in -law sexy underwear

Laibu belly sexy underwear is a very popular sexy underwear. It is usually made of soft and transparent materials and is equipped with exquisite lace.This style of underwear lace is very soft, which will set off your body better and make you more sexy and charming.

Yuguang bellyband sexy underwear

Yuguang belly is a very cool underwear style. It will produce a sub -light effect under light, making your body more charming in light.This style of underwear is very transparent and is very suitable for girls who want to wear skirts or shorts.

Thin bellyband sexy underwear

Thin’s bellyband erotic underwear is one of the most transparent and sexy underwear.This style of underwear is usually made of ultra -thin and soft materials, showing your body curve to the fullest.If you want to make yourself more sexy and affectionate, this is the best choice.

Mini bellyband sexy underwear

Mini belly pocket sex lingerie is a very cool and very sexy underwear style.Usually mini -belly, the sexy underwear is shorter, used to use short skirts or shorts to make your curve more charming.This underwear style has a very high evaluation in sexy, fashionable and charming aspects.

Retro Stomato Interesting Pleuel

Retro bellys are a very classic and stylish underwear style. In recent years, it has also been more and more popular.This underwear style is commonly made of lace, silk, lace and other materials to create a charming and mysterious medieval mood, making women look more elegant and noble.

Tmall’s bellyband sexy underwear size selection

The size of Tmall’s bellyband sexy underwear is very important.If you choose the wrong size, the effect of the underwear may be completely different.Therefore, you must tailor and control the size table before selecting underwear to ensure the most suitable size.

Tmall’s bellyband sexy underwear selection skills

Since we want to buy Tmall’s belly pocket sexy underwear, we need to master some skills to avoid money and can’t buy good underwear.A suitable Tmall belly -wrapped sexy underwear should meet the following standards:

The texture is soft and the comfort is high;

The tailoring is reasonable and beautiful;

The color is bright and beautiful, and it does not affect skin breathing;

The brand’s word of mouth is good to avoid poor quality.

The maintenance and cleaning of Tmall’s bellyband sexy underwear

Maintenance and cleaning is very important for Tmall’s belly pista sexy underwear.If you accidentally damage your underwear, it will be a small loss.When cleaning Tmall’s belly, you can ensure the quality of the underwear through the following steps:

Wash with warm water, do not use overheated water for cleaning;

Do not use bleach or strong alkaline detergent;

Hand washing and cleaning to avoid rubbing and wear in the washing machine;

Do not expose it when drying, avoid excessive exposure.

Why buy Tmall belly wrapped underwear?

What is the attraction of Tmall belly wrapped in sexy underwear?Here are some reasons for buying such underwear:

Let yourself look more sexy and plump;

Increase the charm index of baby in the other half;

Show your body curve better, which can be appreciated and appreciated by others.


Tmall’s bellyband has a variety of sexy lingerie styles and diverse styles. Whether it is lace, sub -light, mini, thin models, retro, it has its own characteristics.The correct selection of size, correct maintenance and cleaning method, and the Tmall belly -belly pocket underwear, which is a fashion brand, will become one of our fashion boutiques.

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