Wear sex underwear and husband video

Wear sex underwear and husband video

With the improvement of sexual openness, more and more couples choose to wear sexy underwear and videos of each other to increase the taste and attractiveness between each other.This may be a challenge and excitement for those who have not tried sexy underwear videos.This article will introduce the relevant knowledge about wearing erotic underwear and husband’s videos, including how to choose sexy underwear, which styles are suitable for videos, how to enhance self -confidence and happiness.

Preparation: Prepare suitable sexy underwear

Wearing suitable sexy underwear is the primary prerequisite.Choosing suitable sexy underwear can help enhance self -confidence and attractiveness.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must first consider the comfort to determine whether the size is appropriate.Secondly, choose different types of underwear according to your own taste and personality.When choosing colors and styles, it is recommended to choose the one that is more suitable for you. You should not pursue shaking and excessive luxury. At the same time, you should pay attention to quality and materials.

Choose the right style: make the video easier

Choose a sexy lingerie style suitable for video to help video passage, increase attractiveness and tease the purpose of each other.There are many kinds of sexy underwear styles that can be selected, such as sexy underwear suits, lace three -piece set, fish net socks, etc.When choosing a style, consider your own body and temperament. If necessary, you can consult a professional sexy underwear consultant or obtain professional suggestions through a website.

Consider occasion and role: increase charm

Choose a suitable sex underwear for the occasion and role.Different underwear styles and different roles are needed.For example, on the special time of the wedding anniversary or Valentine’s Day, most husbands and wives will selectively sexy and romantic sexy underwear to enhance romance and attractiveness.Choose some interesting characters in the video, such as police, nurses, students and teachers, which can also increase interest and attractiveness.

Increase self -confidence: gift benefits

If you feel uneasy or lack of self -confidence, please remember that wearing suitable sexy underwear is a way to increase self -confidence.Choosing a style and occasion that suits you can help you feel more comfortable and confident when wearing underwear.You can also enhance your self -confidence and attractiveness by buying some gift benefits, such as sexy underwear, high heels and cosmetics.

Pay attention to the tongue: language attack

In the process of video, language attacks are also crucial.When choosing a suitable sexy underwear and character, the conversation must also be adjusted according to the character and situation.The dialogue can be gentle or teasing, and choose different methods according to different situations and occasions.But to pay attention to the attack of language, pay attention to your tongue, do not say too much dirty words, so as not to affect the feelings between husband and wife.

Choose a suitable environment: environmental creation

It is also important to choose an environment suitable for sexy underwear videos.You can do it in the bedroom, living room or balcony.However, it is best to choose a quiet and private place so that the couple can express their emotions and feelings freely.At the same time, we must also consider the effects of lighting and audio.

Enjoy a happy moment: Follow the experience

In the process of video, the most important thing is to enjoy happiness.Pay attention to your feelings and reactions, don’t pay too much attention to the other party’s reaction.Relax your body and mind, feel the pleasure brought by underwear and characters.At the same time, we must also clarify each other’s feelings and needs, respect each other in communication, and fully carry forward their sexy, making the video process more pleasant.


Wearing sexy underwear and husband videos is a special way to increase the taste and attractiveness of husband and wife.Choosing suitable sexy underwear and characters, choosing suitable occasions and environments, and respecting each other’s feelings and needs are the key to joy and enjoyment.In the process, be careful of the tongue, pay attention to the attack of the language, but also relax and enjoy the moment of happiness.

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