Wearing a sexy underwear boyfriend’s anti

When you buy new sexy underwear and try to wear it in front of his boyfriend, what will he react?Will you want to catch you like a movie scene?Or wouldn’t you care, or even turn around without a word?Maybe you will be surprised by his reaction, but this is not a winner’s competition. Don’t forget that this is an interactive process for both parties.Let’s take a look at the various situations of wearing erotic underwear and the possible response of my boyfriend.

1. Wear sex underwear in bed

Wearing a sexy underwear is a very private performance, which requires some courage for both parties.If you plan to wear sexy underwear in bed, you may realize this.You will ask if he likes what style and color, and his answer to this may be the key.Some men may feel uneasy and feel that this is a manifestation of dissatisfaction with themselves.However, this may require the communication between you, so that he can better understand your needs and expectations, thereby alleviating his concerns.

Second, wear sexy underwear outside

Wearing erotic underwear is not necessarily limited to bed.In some cases, you may want to wear sexy underwear outside to show the sexy side.At this time, your boyfriend’s response may vary from place.Some people may prefer to perform passionate burning in public, while others will feel embarrassed.Give him enough space to express his feelings and understand different psychological needs.

Three, surprise him

If you want to give your boyfriend a special surprise, wearing sex underwear is a good choice.Surprise can be everything about location, time, environment, etc., depending on your common interests and imagination.However, before you make any arrangements for surprise, you must make a precise understanding and plan to ensure that he will really be happy.

Fourth, past experience

The boyfriend’s response may come from his past experience, such as whether he has encountered unpleasant experiences, or a view of sexuality and attitude.At this time, you need to understand him more patiently, and make summaries and reflection with the past with him so that you can better build a relationship and respect for each other.

5. Physical confidence

If you want to show your boyfriend to your boyfriend, you need a certain courage.Of course, no one will refuse a confident woman, but first of all, you need to build confidence in your own body.Emphasize your own advantages, and at the same time accept the shortcomings, eventually present a strong self -confidence.In this way, you will focus on the performance itself, not in the reaction of your boyfriend.

6. Common hobbies

Sexy underwear is a display of personal taste, but it can also be a common hobby between you and your boyfriend.If you all like to reflect sexy clothing and special companionship, this will improve the degree of common degree and intimacy, and the depth feelings between the two will not change.

7. Interaction with friends

Maybe you will share your amazing experience in wearing a interesting underworld room with your friends, but your interaction with your boyfriend must be carried out in a private environment.Use the atmosphere created by sexy underwear to allow you to better communicate and enhance your feelings, and at the same time do not leak more private information.

Eight, there is a sense of innocence

One of the biggest obstacles to wearing sex underwear is guilt.Some people may think that this is an excessive exposure and fancy manifestation, which requires understanding of personal beliefs and value concepts, understanding each other’s expectations and principles, and avoiding too extreme or harming each other, and its own meaningless.reaction.

Nine, happy first

In the end, the most important thing in this world is happiness. The core of wearing sex underwear can be said to be happy.This is a kind of happiness based on mutual understanding and respect. It is not only in bed, but also contains all aspects of life.Energetic.

Putting on a sexy underwear, the boyfriend’s response may be positive, negative, tired, surprised, surprised or relaxed.Regardless of his reaction, you must always maintain confidence and emotion, adhere to your own ideas and decisions, and use mutual understanding and respect to maintain your happiness.

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