What are the procedures for selling sexy underwear?


The sex underwear market has become a very favorable sales channel, especially online sales.However, you need to follow some regulations and procedures before selling fun underwear.In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive method to understand all procedures and regulations you need to go through.

Application license

Before starting to sell sexy underwear, you need to apply for some licenses and licenses.These permits may vary from regions, but you need to apply for a business license at least in the local government department.Before applying for a license, check the laws and regulations you are located to ensure that you meet all requirements.


In order to distinguish your brand from his sexy underwear sellers, you need to register a trademark.Trademarks can be the name, logo, logo, or combination, which can help you build an influential and recognizable brand in the market.Make sure to check the national trademark database to ensure that no one has registered your trademark.

Open bank account

You need to open a commercial bank account for your sexy underwear business to have a trading channel.Bank accounts allow you to accept online payment, as well as payment suppliers and other expenses.Check your account balance regularly to ensure that you have enough funds to purchase inventory, pay taxes and maintain websites.

Get tax ID number

In many countries, you need to obtain tax ID numbers for your sexy underwear business.This will be associated with your business license and bank account so that you can declare the cost of owing the government and pay the tax required for the government.Consult your local tax institutions to get more information.

Purchase commercial insurance

Purchasing commercial insurance can protect your erotic underwear business from factors such as property damage and compensation compensation. These factors may lose your profits.The types of commercial insurance include property insurance, liability insurance, employer liability insurance, global logistics insurance, etc.Consult your insurance agent to determine which type of commercial insurance you need.

Choose logistics channels

To sell sexy underwear, you need to ensure that you have a reliable logistics channel.You need to find a suitable logistics service provider to realize the delivery and tracking of the product.Selecting logistics providers need to consider factors such as price, availability, speed, service quality, and policy and terms.

Create a website

Online sales of sexy underwear need to establish a website for customers to buy.Websites need to include product pages, service pages, logistics, refund, payment, reputation, social media and other functions.Make sure you provide clear and accurate descriptions and pictures on the website so that customers can understand your products.

Choose the appropriate payment method

Choose the appropriate payment processing method to help you handle transactions and get money faster.At present, there are many payment processors, such as PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc. The appropriate payment method can be selected according to the type of currency types, procedures, security and other indicators.

Marketing and advertising

In order to make your sexy underwear business more exposure, you need to make a marketing and advertising plan.This may include social media marketing, search engine optimization, email and SMS marketing, advertising, etc.Make sure you find an effective display location for your products.


With the development of the Internet, the market for sales of sexy underwear has become increasingly chaotic and competitive.However, if you understand and obey the required requirements and procedures, you will be able to succeed in this market.And, through appropriate infrastructure and planned marketing activities, you will be able to develop your brand and business.

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