What is the best sexy underwear?

What is the best sexy underwear?

When we buy sexy underwear, one of the most commonly encountered problems is: What kind of band should be used for this underwear?In this article, I will answer this question for you and discuss the characteristics of different types of bands.

Elastic band

Elastic band is the most common sexy underwear strap.They can adapt to different sizes to a certain extent and have a certain degree of stretching.Such bands are most suitable for those sexy underwear that requires strong muscles, such as tight corsets and binding tape.

Satin belt

Saton belt is a very popular erotic lingerie material.They are often used on shoulder straps and arms.Due to the texture of satin, these straps are very easy to tie, which can help create a very tempting restraint effect.

Leather band

Leather bands are often used to make heavy sex clothing.They are very strong and can withstand high -intensity pulling power.Because of the material of the leather, these bands have a strong sense of restraint.Moreover, they look very sexy.

Hooks and eye buckle bands

Hooks and eye buckle bands are usually used on the sexy underwear that needs to be adjusted accurately.For example, some complicated restraint corsets usually use this band.There are many different buttons in this belt, so that you can accurately adjust the size according to your needs.

Lock band

Locking band is a very popular sexy underwear strap.These bands are usually used for permanent constraints.They are very strong and can maintain a firm state for a whole day, so it is very suitable for those sexy underwear that needs to be worn for a long time.

Adjustable shoulder strap

Adjustable shoulder straps are a very practical strap.These bands allow you to accurately adjust the tightness of the underwear in order to ensure the comfort in the wear process.Whether it is a bra or a tight vest, adjustable shoulder straps are a very practical underwear strap type.

Plastic band

Plastic bands are not very common in the sexy underwear industry.However, this new material has many advantages.They are stronger than traditional fabrics and can adopt more changes.


Lace belt is a very beautiful erotic lingerie material.They are usually used in sexy underwear such as underwear, basic bra and pajamas, and often can retain the classic sexy underwear.Due to different texture and color, lace belt can create many different visual effects.

in conclusion

When choosing a sexy underwear, the type of band used should not be your only focus.But if you need to focus on sexy underwear, choosing the correct type of band may be one of the key factors.After confirming your needs, you can try to use some different bands to see which ones will be more suitable for you.

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