Where did the erotic underwear you wear?

Where did the erotic underwear you wear?

Interest underwear is a underwear with high sexy, fashionable, sensuality, and playing elements.In the situation such as love, sex, and flirting, it can make women more confident and more intense.With the progress of society, people’s views of sex are gradually open, and sexy underwear has gradually been accepted.Each of us has more or less contact and wearing experience.So, where do you throw the sexy underwear you wear?

1. Throw away/destroy

First of all, I introduced the sexy underwear that I passed through it directly into the trash can or destroy it.Some women are reluctant to leave them after wearing fun underwear, because they have no freshness.Therefore, they chose to throw away or burn old underwear and get rid of the old ideas.However, this approach is not environmentally friendly, and people’s irresponsible behavior of waste that should have been recycled can cause more environmental pollution.

2. Keep a memorial

The second choice is to leave the sexy underwear through the owner as memories or souvenirs.Some women think their sexy underwear expresses some special sexual behaviors, or a person’s love for themselves and each other’s feelings, so they usually put these old underwear in drawers or boxes.In this way, when you look at them in the future, let them recall those beautiful moments.However, correspondingly, these old underwear will occupy more storage space, which will have a certain impact on the cleanliness of the room.

3. Sell/transfer

The third choice is to sell or transfer sexy underwear.Sometimes, the owner will feel that they are still very valuable after wearing fun underwear, and the money just put on the start is not used up.Then you can choose to sell or transfer old underwear on the second -hand trading platform, so that you can make a sum of money, but also allow others to enjoy the same feeling.However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the disclosure of privacy information, whether it is selling or transfer, to ensure that it will not bring potential dangers or influence.

4. Save as toys

The fourth choice is to leave the sexy underwear that you can wear as your own or partner.Sometimes, the design of sexy underwear is very unique, suitable for soft love and progress.Then, women choose to keep old underwear and use it as sexy toys.It not only meets his own needs, but also adds interest to the relationship between husband and wife.However, this approach needs to pay attention to personal hygiene to avoid spreading diseases.

5. As a home service

The fifth option is to wear sexy underwear as home clothes.Some sexy underwear texture is very comfortable. It is very warm, suitable for wearing, and very fashionable and beautiful.Therefore, women will also choose to wear these old underwear writers to wear clothes, which is comfortable and saved, without buying home clothes.

6. Donation

The sixth option is to donate the sexy underwear you pass.Sometimes, women choose to donate the sexy underwear they wear to charity to help those who need help.For example, those who have just been injured or newborn need to find a nanny, and these donated old underwear can provide them with some help.However, when donating, you need to pay attention to the hygiene problems of the next user.

7. Give it to friends

The seventh option is to send the sexy underwear to friends.Sometimes, when playing or gathering between friends, these old underwear have become very good and interesting gifts, which can add mutual trust and friendship to the relationship between friends.However, when choosing this method, you need to pay attention to your friend’s complicated mentality to avoid unnecessary trouble.

8. Collection

The eighth option is to collect the sexy underwear.Some women love old underwear very much. Sometimes a style or style of sexy underwear is very impressive, making them very reluctant.As a result, they carefully organize these old underwear, put them on the box or display.However, this will also occupy more space.Corresponding requirements for neat and clean underwear and preservation environment.


For the treatment of the sexy lingerie, the most suitable way for them is the same as everyone’s choice.We need to read the reasons behind their needs and expectations according to our own situation. Reasonably handling underwear can save us the cost of space and items management, and at the same time, we can also environmentally friendly and protect the earth.

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