Where does the sexy underwear store make money?

Brand e -commerce platform

The brand e -commerce platform is one of the popular operating models in the current sex underwear industry.By integrating the industry’s excellent sexy underwear brands, this model provides an online sales and promotion channel, reducing the sales cost of sexy underwear manufacturers and its partners, and also facilitates consumers’ procurement.

shopping center

Shopping center is a popular choice because people usually enjoy the fun brought by the shopping mall when shopping.Interest underwear stores can usually get greater traffic and higher conversion rates in shopping malls, and shopping malls usually provide special parking spaces to provide convenience to people, increasing the feasibility of operating sexy underwear shops.

Commercial square

Commercial square advertising effects are strong, and they usually have close cooperation and contact with many financial institutions and courier companies, which can bring better reputation and publicity effects to the business underwear shop business.In addition, local consumer groups in commercial squares usually pay more attention to quality life, and the opportunity to operate well in sexy underwear types will increase.

pedestrian mall

Pedestrian Street is a very popular business area. There are usually many different types of shops, which attracts a large number of tourists and consumers to patronize.It is usually a relatively stable and dense flow to run a sexy underworld on the pedestrian street, and the sexy underwear store is a more distinctive and differentiated format that can attract some specific target consumer groups.

Community business district

The community business district will be far from urban centers and downtown areas, but there are usually relatively stable settlements and consumers, which also means that community business districts usually have relatively stable shopping people.Opening a sexy underwear store in the community business district can usually obtain a relatively stable source of customers, and it is usually complemented with the formats of other shopping places or entertainment venues supporting the community, which enhances consumers’ desire to spend on the store.

Tourist attraction

The sexy underwear shops of tourist attractions usually attract various types of tourists. Some overseas tourists are often more interested in the sex underwear industry.The opening of sex underwear shops can usually obtain higher bonus and profits near tourist attractions, especially when large -scale festivals and holidays, the source of customers is relatively stable.

Highway service area

The establishment of a sexy underwear store in the highway service area has attracted many people from different regions and industries because the service area will attract people in different regions and industries, and the consumption level of the service area is relatively high and the consumer groups are relatively wide.EssenceThe opening of the sex underwear store needs to pass a certain approval procedure in the highway service area, which is good for disadvantages.

night market

The night market, as a location suitable for the operation of sexy underwear stores, has two main reasons.First of all, the night market has gathered many young consumer groups at night, and the target customer group has a certain degree of coincidence with the sexy underwear shop.Secondly, there are very few other lights in the night market, which is very helpful for showing erotic underwear and improving the purchase rate.

shopping mall

Choosing to open a sexy underwear store in large shopping malls can obtain a relatively stable passenger flow, and the interior of the mall is usually equipped with various personalized services and coordinated mall coordination activities, which will attract different target consumers.However, the shopping mall also has certain requirements for the store specifications and consumption standards of sexy underwear stores.

city ​​center

Opening a sexy underwear store in the city center can get a wider range of customers, because the city center is a very wide range of acceptance. It usually has purchasing power, psychological meal, entertainment consumption and other living facilities.When you go to the city center, you will take care of the sex underwear shop during the rest.


Before opening a sexy underwear store, we need to comprehensively consider important business factors such as regional, target consumer groups, rent and cost.The process of finding suitable venues and shops may take many trials and errors, but as long as they are analyzed and planned, there will be more management of sexy underwear stores.The most important thing is to continue to excavate and keep pace with the times, enhance the market competitiveness of sexy lingerie stores, and attract consumers’ desire to buy.

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