Where is Dongwang Jiyu underwear factory?


Every woman wants to wear sexy sexy underwear, and Dongwang’s sexy underwear factory is creating a variety of beautiful underwear for women.

Geographical location

Dongwang Ji Fun Underwear Factory is located in Dongwangji Village, Yongjiang Street, Jiangbei District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China.The transportation here is very convenient. You can choose to drive or take public transportation here.

Product display

The products of Dongwang Jiusuo Funwear Factory have a variety of products, including various styles of bras, pantyhose, hanging strap and dresses.There are various colors and design underwear, whether it is sexy or cute, covering it.

Material Introduction

The materials used by Dongwang Jiusuo Funwear Factory are high -quality, ensuring that underwear is the best in terms of comfort and breathability.Moreover, the soft materials used here will not harm the skin.

Exhibition experience

Dongwang Ji Fun Underwear Factory participated in many domestic and foreign underwear exhibitions at home and abroad, with very rich experience.After each exhibition, they will make internal adjustments and improvements on market feedback to improve the quality and aesthetics of the product.

price advantage

Compared with similar brands, the price of the East King’s Intellectual Underwear Factory is very favorable.They choose to directly facing consumers’ marketing strategies, which are more competitive than other channel prices.Through this method, they have greatly reduced the purchase cost of customers and enhanced the market competitiveness of the product.

Brand recognition

With its excellent designer team and new underwear styles, Dongwang Jiyi Funwear Factory has gradually become one of the high popularity and popular brands at home and abroad.

Market scale analysis

With the change of people’s requirements and attitudes of life, the sexy underwear market is also expanding, and the products produced by the East King’s Intellectual Underwear Factory are designed to cater to this market demand, so they occupy a lot in the market.The market size is also growing.

customer service

Dongwang Jiusing Underwear Factory attaches great importance to care and services for customers. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, they provide a very complete customer service system.Whether it is before -sale or after -sales, the needs and situations of customers will be concerned and resolved.

in conclusion

In Dongwang Ji Fun underwear factory, you can find any sexy underwear you need.High -quality, competitive price, superior comfort and high -quality customer service.If you are still looking for a suitable sexy underwear factory, then Dongwang Ji Fun Underwear Factory will be your best choice.

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