Which hand is it better to wear in sex lingerie rope?

Which hand is it better to wear in sex lingerie rope?

Female friends may encounter the style of rope design when buying sexy underwear.These styles need to bypass the ropes through the neck, shoulders and waist, respectively, and need to be operated with both hands.But many women don’t know which hand to manipulate the rope to be more comfortable and get a better experience.Here are some useful tips to help you decide which hand to wear a rope to wear.

Choose left and right hands according to personal habits

First of all, wearing fun underwear ropes should consider personal habits.In most cases, our finger flexibility is high, and it is more convenient to use one hand during the rope.Therefore, you can choose which hand you should use according to your usual hand to wear sexy underwear.

Using non -leaders can increase novelty

If you want to try some changes or find new experiences, you can try to use non -leaders to manipulate the rope.For example: If you usually use your right hand, you can try to use your left hand to wear sexy underwear.This allows you to experience a new feeling and extend the stimulus of the body to the new field.

Use left and right hands to increase multiple stimuli

In the wearing method of sexy underwear, you can also use both hands.This can increase multiple stimuli and richer experience.For example: you can use your left hand to manipulate the rope of the upper body, and use the rope of the lower body to use the right hand to allow you to experience a richer experience.

Pay attention to the tightness of the rope

When wearing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the tightness of the rope.If the rope is too tight, it may cause a series of problems such as skin allergies and suffocation.If the rope is too loose, it cannot achieve the expected results.Therefore, you should adjust the rope to the tightness of the rope after bypassing the rope.Make sure that the rope is not tight, but not relaxed and slightly pulling.

Choose the right rope material

When buying, you should also consider the material of the rope.Generally, the auxiliary materials of sexy underwear are used for soft materials such as soft cotton rope, silk rope, nylon rope to cover the body and avoid damage to the skin.Choosing a soft rope can make it more comfortable when wearing sexy underwear and enhance comfort.

Buy the appropriate size sexy underwear

When you buy a sexy underwear, you must choose the right size.If the underwear size is too small, it will cause the tie rope to be not loose enough, aggravate the burden on the body, and pain.If the size is too large, the rope cannot be stretched and the expected experience cannot be achieved.Therefore, you must pay attention to the selection of the size when choosing a fun underwear to ensure accuracy and comfort.

Try different ways to wear

There may be applicable different ways to wear a way of wearing a sexy underwear. For different styles and different people, there may be applicable differences.Therefore, you can explore your favorite wear through your own attempts or referring to other people’s experience.

Keep your attention when wearing sex lingerie

When wearing a sexy underwear, you should ensure your concentration.Avoid working or do other things when wearing underwear.Keep a relaxed state so that you can get more enjoyment.

Pay attention to keeping clean

When wearing sex underwear, you should pay attention to maintaining a sanitary environment.Not only should we pay attention to the problem of underwear cleaning and disinfection, but also the environment of cleaning and hygiene.If possible, it is best to use a disinfection cabinet for cleaning to avoid hygiene problems caused by multiple times.


When wearing a rope of sexy underwear, you can use left and right hands according to your habits, or you can try to use non -leader or two -handed operation to add more reactions and experiences, but you must ensure the hygiene of looseness and environment.In the end, you need to choose the best way to wear the rope based on your preferences and comfort, so that the underwear is more comfortable and richer in the body.

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