Who does a woman wearing a sexy underwear?

Women wearing fun underwear for themselves show themselves

In the first question, who do women want to see a sexy underwear?In fact, the most important thing is to show yourself!

Whether it is a sexy underwear daily life or wearing sexy underwear in special occasions, women’s hearts need a feeling of pleasure.This can not only enhance inner self -confidence, but also bring more happiness and surprises in the future life.

Women wearing sexy underwear to show their partners

Of course, women also hope that their partners can see this sexy side at appropriate.Wearing sex underwear can improve the sexual interest between the two sides, and can make the emotion in love relationship closer and closer.

In sex, erotic underwear can be used as a tool, allowing each other to better dig and discover the physical advantages of the other party, and finally realize a better and satisfying sex experience.

Women wearing fun underwear to show others

Of course, wearing fun underwear may also be for others, not yourself or partner, such as displaying in a relatively private party and so on.

However, this approach is likely to cause unnecessary trouble or controversy. Therefore, it is recommended that women consider their needs and feelings when choosing or wearing sexy underwear, as well as the surrounding environment and attitude.

Selection of sexy underwear style

In addition to the color and size, pay attention to the choice of style in addition to the color and size.

Different styles are suitable for different types of body and temperament. If you can choose deep V or opening models when the chest is full, and if the belly or hip is not tight enoughPantyhose models.

The importance of material and texture

When choosing sexy underwear, you also need to pay attention to the choice of material and texture to ensure the comfort and visual effect of wearing.

Soft and elastic fabrics and comfortable lining are the best choices. Try to avoid choosing too irritating or obvious materials.

Select on the occasion of sexy underwear

In daily life, if you only appreciate it yourself or appreciate it with your partner, there is no special requirement; when attending a relatively private party, you can choose to wear some more sexy or bold styles on an appropriate occasion;If the company’s party, etc., we should wear some more textured and more convergent sexy underwear.

Method of prevalence of body shape

Women need to know that wearing erotic underwear does not require body figure to be superior, but to choose the style that suits them and pay attention to the lines and proportions of visual shapes.

At the same time, when wearing fun underwear, you must pay attention to smile, pay attention to your temperament and attitude, to better show your charm.

Details of women’s notice

How to wear sexy underwear to achieve the best results?Women should pay attention to some details:

Adjust the elastic band: fit the body to ensure that it will not cause unnecessary or drooping.

Invisible underwear stickers: You can leave without traces while serving.

Choose the right socks: try to choose the style that can be smooth and fit to avoid alien or protruding parts.

How to maintain sexy underwear

The method of maintaining sexy underwear and maintaining ordinary underwear is not much different. Just pay attention to the following points:

Observe the washing label: Be sure to wash according to the washing label of the underwear to avoid shrinking or deformation of fabrics.

Soft detergent: The first choice should be some soft and mild detergent to avoid using too strong chemical detergent.

Cold water hand washing: It is not recommended to use the hot water in the washing machine and ordinary dishwashing ponds to clean it. Fresh cold water hand should be washed, and it should be gently squeezed with your hands before drying.


The reason why sexy underwear has become one of the favorite combinations of modern women is not only because it represents the self -confidence and charm of women, but also because of this way of dressing allows womenHappiness and satisfaction.

Therefore, whether it is based on the style and material that suits you, or wearing occasions, details, and maintenance methods, you should pay attention to your emotional needs and feelings, and make yourself more beautiful and confident.

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