Who is Japanese and Korean sexy underwear actresses?


Sexy underwear is one of the fashion dress of modern women. In order to meet the aesthetic needs of women, sexy underwear designers in Japan and South Korea are particularly good in this regard.I believe many people will be curious. Which actresses in Japan and South Korea are the spokespersons or loyal fans of sexy underwear?

Bridge section 1: Li Huili, fresh and literary temperament

Li Huili is a more representative sexy underwear shooting model among Korean actresses.Her unique fresh literary temperament and sweet smile made people unable to dump.

Bridge section 2: sexy wild Li Zhien

Unlike Li Huili, Li Zhien feels more sexy and wild.Her performance in sexy underwear has always followed sexy routes, which is very suitable for women who like bold and sexy underwear.

Bridge three: charming and moving Han Jiaren

Han Jiaren is a star of Han Liutian’s queen. She is both fresh and charming, sexy and cute.In many sexy underwear brands, she is also very dazzling.

Bridge 4: Luxury and noble big S

Although Big S is not a Korean star, she also has a great influence in the field of sexy underwear.Her endorsement of high -end brand underwear is mostly impressed by gorgeous, luxurious and noble theme.

Bridge Five: Fresh and Nature Kim Taeyeon

Kim Taeyeon is a member of the famous Korean women’s group. She looks fresh and lovely. She has endorsed the sexy lingerie brand many times and injected more youthful atmosphere and elements into the product.

Bridge Six: Zhang Yuqi, who is sexy and charming

In the domestic sexy underwear market, Zhang Yuqi has greater influence.Her sexy and charm are very suitable for the aesthetic needs of many domestic women, so she is also very common in the endorsement of many sexy lingerie brands.

Bridge Seven: Vibrant Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation is one of the few large women’s groups in South Korea, representing more fashion elements and trend culture.They have also endorsed sexy underwear brands many times, among which sports underwear is the best.

Bridge Eight: Sexy Zheng Xiujing

Zheng Xiujing is one of the members of the Girls ‘Generation. Her sexy is more obvious compared to other members of Girls’ Generation.In the shooting of sexy underwear, her performance is also very prominent, winning the love of many fans.

Bridge Nine: Leng Yan and Noble Lin Zhiling

Although Lin Zhiling’s underwear endorsement is mainly a swimsuit, she has also endorsed the sexy underwear of some high -end brands.Her temperament is cold and noble, and it is very suitable for women who like high -end and luxurious colors.

Bridge section 10: Jiang Shuying, who is beautiful

Jiang Shuying is one of the very representative of the domestic new -generation actress. Her beautiful figure has made her a very ideal brand spokesperson for the sexy underwear brand.Her endorsement brand is sexy and fashionable, which is in line with the characteristics of new women’s youth, fashion and confidence.


These Japanese and Korean actresses endorsed the sexy underwear brands are worthy of women to try. Different underwear styles allow us to show their different appearances and temperaments on different occasions. I hope women can try a variety of sexy underwear style and find suitable for themselves for themselves.style of.

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