Why is DIY sexy underwear?

How to DIY sexy underwear?

Interest underwear can add fun and make love more romantic.However, many sexy lingerie is expensive, so DIY sex lingerie has become a trend.DIY sexy underwear not only saves costs, but also meets personalized needs.In this article, we will introduce how to DIY sex underwear.

1. Preparation

Before DIY sexy underwear, you need to prepare the following tools and materials: needles, wires, scissors, fabrics, buttons, stitches, embroidery, beads or other decorations, and the underwear model you choose.Make sure you have enough time and patience to complete DIY sexy underwear.

2. Select the right fabric

The choice of DIY erotic underwear is very important because it affects the texture and comfort of the underwear.Generally, the materials used in sex underwear are lace, silk or mulberry silk because they have a comfortable, soft and sexy texture.

3. Choose the right underwear model

Choosing the right underwear model is very important, because the model suitable for your body will make you more comfortable and confident.You can choose a sexy underwear of Zhongkong, three -point, T -shaped pants.

4. Design your sexy underwear

Design is the top priority of DIY sexy underwear.You can design the DIY sexy underwear according to your preferences and needs, and design it from the aspects of colors, patterns, fancy, models, decorations.You can also choose to add underwear to your own personality elements, such as embroidery, flash diamonds, etc.

5. Tailor -made

DIY sexy underwear needs to be tailored to better adapt to your figure.Use the measurement tool to measure your bust, waist, and hips, and select the appropriate underwear model according to the measurement results.

6. Template production

To make your own sexy underwear template, you first need to determine a type of underwear.Then use cardboard or other materials to make templates to provide a template for your sexy underwear.Cut the fabric into the length required according to the template.

7. Sewing sexy underwear

When sewing sexy underwear, you need to suture the fabric according to the template.You can use needles and lines for sewing.Remember not to be too tight when sewing underwear, so as not to affect the comfort of wearing.

8. Decorate your sexy underwear

After the sewing is completed, you can add some decorative elements to your sexy underwear.This can make your sexy underwear more attractive.You can use decorations such as flash diamonds, tassels, spelling, satin and other decorations.

9. dyeing

If your DIY sexy underwear does not meet your expectations, you can choose to dye yourself by yourself.Choose your favorite color, dye and dyeing method to operate according to the manual.

10. Complete your sexy underwear

After completing all the steps, you can put on your DIY sexy underwear.Check it with a mirror to ensure that it is suitable for your body and give full play to its sexy and charm.

In short, DIY sexy underwear requires patience and skills, but it is a very interesting and meaningful task.Through your efforts, you can make a unique sexy underwear, which makes your sexy night vivid and interesting.

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