Will your husband let you wear sexy underwear?

Will your husband let you wear a sexy underwear?

In the past, sexy underwear was considered to wear sexy and coquettish women. However, now, sexy underwear has become one of the daily life of many women, and more and more young women are willing to wear interest with their partners’ sex.underwear.But, will your husband let you wear sexy underwear?This article will interpret this issue from various angles.

Positioning and design of sexy underwear

A good erotic underwear can make women feel confident, beautiful, sexy, gentle, and sometimes even change their previous character and enhance personal charm.Interesting underwear designers make full use of the materials such as silk, gauze, cotton, and net eyes, and add crystal, ribbon, lace and other decorations to create the sexiest appearance.

Husband’s view

Unless your husband is an extremely conservative and conservative person, most men like to see their women wearing sexy underwear.For many men, this is far more than sex, but more trials of fresh and exciting experiences, making them feel the most direct and primitive sexual attractiveness.

Confidence and courage to wear sexy underwear

The real value of wearing sex underwear is not to cater to the desire of men, but that women experience self -confidence and courage, and feel that they are beautiful and valuable from the deep inside.When you realize that wearing fun underwear is not to make people look at, but to show yourself more confident and naked, your body will be more keen and rich in emotion, so that your sex is full full full of full fullnesspleasure.

The benefits of wearing sex underwear

In addition to helping to improve self -confidence and courage, there are some other benefits to wear sex underwear.They can make women feel more comfortable, because many sexy underwear uses comfortable, soft and breathable materials.In addition, wearing erotic underwear can help women improve her feelings, make her feel younger, confident, and powerful, and overall makes her more pleasant and easier.

Selection of sexy underwear

If you decide to try to wear sexy underwear, don’t just consider the color and style, but also the style and size.Interest underwear is best elastic to adapt to your physical changes, and you should also pay attention to maintaining hygiene to avoid unnecessary infection and inflammation.

How to better wear sexy underwear

It is not easy to wear sex underwear.Some women feel uncomfortable when they first wear, because it may rub the skin or difficult to breathe.If you want to wear more sexy underwear, you can try to choose some corset, briefs or other conventional underwear before buying sex underwear to adapt to your body.

The choice of her husband interfered with sexy underwear

Husband’s choice of sexy underwear often has his own preference, so you should try to let him participate in this process.Let him go shopping with you, or help you choose some styles and colors he likes on the Internet.In this way, you can not only enhance your communication and interaction, but also make your sex more colorful.

Combined with life and sexy underwear

The combination of erotic underwear and life is not just a wonderful thing.If you are looking for a way to make your sex more diverse and exciting, try some sexy underwear to regulate emotions and feelings.Wearing sexy underwear can add new colors and changes to sex, allowing you and your partner to try more beauty in sex life.


In short, wearing erotic underwear can make women feel confident, beautiful, sexy, gentle, and help enhance personal charm, they can also make women feel more self -confident.Of course, your husband may also like to see you wear sexy underwear, let him participate in your choice process, and combine sexy underwear in life, you can add dimension and change to your sex.Nothing is more important than expressing love and trust in your own way.

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