2020 sex underwear show


In the 2020s, the Interest Underwear Show is about to begin!This event will be the first online live broadcast in this event, attracting the attention of many fans.This is a unique moment. Let’s take a look at the sex selection, styles, color and internal design of the red carpet.

Popular style

In 2020, the popular styles of sexy underwear are mainly the following: high -waist underwear, suspender skirt and low -cut underwear, lace underwear and matte lingerie. Each brand has tried different styles and designs.Among them, the neckline of low -cut underwear is extremely low, showing the perfect cleavage and skin color, which is intoxicating.

Special design

Over the years, explosive sexy underwear styles have emerged again and again.Whether it is a lace style or a body -shaping underwear, the key is that they are very popular because of special design.Many sexy underwear designers pay attention to strengthening the beauty of women’s body lines and the curve of women’s figures. At the same time, they also take into account the sense of sexy and elegance, so that wearers are confident and elegant.


On the sexy underwear show in 2020, natural color and pink have become an important trend. At the same time, a large number of Burgundy colors and green tones appeared.In addition, bright yellow and orange are also new choices for designers.Animal patterns and geometric patterns have also appeared in many sexy underwear, which is a bold attempt.

Novel material

The choice of sexy lingerie is the soul of its design style.In addition to the traditional lace, silk, fish nets, and net eye cloth, there are many novel materials in sexy underwear this year.For example, smooth and shiny artificial leather has become the new favorite of many famous models and ladies.In addition, the rough designer also tried PU and metal materials to bring a heavy impact to all wearers.

The corset that makes you amazing

Whether it is flat chest or plump women, the chest needs to be well supported and protected.This year, many designers make articles on corset design to make them more sexy and more practical.Some designs are added with 3/4 cups and shoulder straps.

Fashionable bodies

Modern women pay great attention to the beauty and rationality of the figure.The new -style bodies of underwear make this possible. It also helps to shape the body lines, maintain beautiful figure, but also combines the latest design and trendy elements to make the bodied underwear the hottest.Many designers have launched a variety of underwear to meet the needs of all wearers.

Transparent style

Transparent erotic underwear keeps women a subtle balance between sexy and respect, which makes transparent underwear a popular style of sexy lingerie show.Transparent lace and silk are the most popular materials, giving these underwear different styles.These styles make women feel confident and sexy.

Sexy Lianyou

Sexy body underwear is popular in various occasions.They are both suitable for private uniforms, but also for players naked sports.The conjoined underwear appeared in the sexy underwear show may be weight loss, waist or no cup, or only a very slight cup.These designs have increased the shaping of women’s body arcs, or they have achieved the ultimate in the design of Yanqiu type.

The emergence of independent brands

In this year’s sexy underwear show, independent brands have begun to emerge.These brands are emerging competitors for large market saturated brands.Through excellent design, they provide sexy rotating corsets, rotating corsets, and skeleton corsets such as straps, bringing fresh blood to the market.


Over time, the design of the sexy underwear has surpassed the boundaries of home outdoor underwear and became a dress suitable for various occasions.This year’s sexy underwear show is not only a platform that shows new trends and new styles, but also allows more people to understand that sexy underwear is part of the fashion design style. This is undoubtedly one of the annual events.

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