Butterfly underwear sex underwear

1 Introduction

As a sexy, playful and passionate clothing, sexy underwear has been loved by the public.Among them, butterfly underwear is a kind of sexy underwear that has attracted much attention, because its design is very strange, adding a different sense of romance to the clothing or context of the body.This article will introduce related topics such as the development of butterfly underwear, style classification and purchase, and matching skills.

2. The development of butterfly underwear

Butterfly underwear, first from women’s stockings, tight skirts and other costumes.In the early 20th century, this butterfly -shaped underwear was introduced into Europe and began to popularize.With the change of the times and the development of fashion, after many improvement and innovation of butterfly underwear, it has now become an indispensable sexy lingerie style.

3. Classification of butterfly underwear

At present, the butterfly underwear on the market is mainly divided into three categories, namely: one word butterfly, T -shaped butterfly, and open crotch butterflies.

The word butterfly creates a strong sexy and feminine charm in its "word" design.

The T -shaped butterfly design shows a penetrating line in the center, showing a stunning and avant -garde visual effect.

The open crotch butterfly is like its name. It adopts open designs on the so -called "key parts", showing unprecedented exposed visual effects.

4. The skills to buy butterfly underwear

When buying butterfly underwear, you must first ensure that the size is appropriate.Excessive or too small will affect the effect of personal.Secondly, pay attention to the fabrics, and choose the fabric that is breathable, soft, comfortable and easy to clean.Finally, the choice of color and style. It is necessary to cooperate with the temperament and taste of the body to form an overall effect.

5. Matching skills: match with conjoined socks

If you want to fully display the sexy and elegant butterfly underwear, it is best to match a pair of high -quality conjoined socks.In this way, your legs can show the most perfect curve.

6. Matching skills: match with high heels

No matter how good the butterfly underwear is, if the shoes are not suitable, the entire dress will still look unsatisfactory.Therefore, it is best to choose a pair of high -heeled shoes that are the same style, the same color, or echo each other with butterfly underwear.

7. Matching skills: match with top

If you want to wear butterfly underwear more colorful, the choice of tops is also very important.You can choose a loose and generous top, but be sure to ensure the coordination and unity of color matching.If you are more challenging, you can choose a close tie or a sexy vest.

8. Summary

The sexy and elegant design of butterfly underwear has long become one of the indispensable styles of sexy underwear; you need to pay attention to factors, fabrics, colors and other factors when buying, and timely match high -quality conjoined socks, high heels and tops to take it.Its sexy atmosphere is fully released, showing others the charm and extraordinary temperament to others.

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