Chinese erotic underwear pictures

The history of Chinese sex lingerie

Chinese erotic underwear originated in ancient times, and the earliest dates back to the Tang Dynasty.At that time, women wore "beam of chest" during her husband’s departure to maintain their body beauty and sexy.Over time, the design and materials of China’s sexy underwear have become more complicated and advanced, including high -quality materials such as satin and silk.

Types of Chinese sex lingerie

There are many types of Chinese sex lingerie, including various styles of sexual erotic lingerie, adult erotic lingerie, European and American sexy underwear, etc.Among them, the most common is lace sexy underwear, lace sexy underwear, pajamas, etc.Each style has its unique design and functions to meet different situations and needs.

The color and pattern of Chinese sex lingerie

Chinese erotic underwear is usually based on red, black, white and pink.Among them, red represents enthusiasm and sexy, black represents mystery, temptation and fraud, white represents purity and intimacy, while pink represents cuteness and romance.In addition, many China sexy underwear has rich patterns, such as flowers, animals, tattoos, etc. to increase its beauty and entertainment.

Chinese sex lingerie size

The size of Chinese sex underwear is usually determined according to bust, waist and hip circumference, but because of the diversity of Chinese women’s figure, the sexy underwear models suitable for different figures will also be different.Therefore, consumers should try to choose their own size when buying sexy underwear to ensure comfort and sexy.

Maintenance of Chinese erotic underwear

How to properly maintain Chinese sexy underwear is an important issue.Generally, sexy underwear requires hand washing or soft machine washing. Do not use bleach and dryer to clean.In addition, sexy underwear must be paid specially to be stored to avoid being worn or distorted during storage.For sexy underwear made of special materials, consumers should follow the manufacturer’s cleaning guide.

Chinese sex lingerie market

In China, the sexy underwear market is growing rapidly.With the changes in consumer culture and the emphasis on women’s own rights, the prospects of China’s sexy underwear market are very broad.According to market statistics, it is expected that in the next few years, the annual growth rate of China’s sexy underwear market will exceed 20%, and it will become an important part of the global sexy underwear market.

The trend of Chinese sex lingerie

The design and materials of Chinese sex lingerie are constantly innovating to meet the changing market needs and consumer needs.For example, many manufacturers are developing more environmentally friendly and healthy sexy lingerie materials, and also strengthen the functionality and comfort of sexy underwear in design.In the future, China’s sexy underwear market will continue to play the role of innovation -driven to continuously meet the needs of consumers.

The cultural value of Chinese sex lingerie

As a cultural symbol, Chinese sex lingerie has important cultural value.It not only represents the history and tradition of ancient Chinese culture, but also the progress and opening up of modern Chinese society.The existence of sexy underwear has improved the self -esteem and self -confidence of women, and also reflects the society’s cognition and development of women’s rights and roles.

Summary of Chinese erotic underwear

Chinese sex lingerie is a unique cultural symbol with important historical, cultural and commercial value.As a fashionable and sexy underwear, it represents the charm and confidence of women.In the future, China’s sexy underwear market will continue to grow, providing consumers with more diverse and high -quality products and services.

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