How to act in sex underwear

Part 1: Understand the basic style of love underwear

As a kind of underwear that is used to increase sexuality and pornographic elements, sexy underwear needs to be cautious in choosing and matching.When choosing a sexy underwear, we need to solve the basic styles of love underwear, such as vest, three -point, T -shaped pants.These styles are not only basic sexy underwear, but also the basic choices in actor performances.

Part 2: Choose sexy underwear suitable for characters

When we consider the personality and personality of the character, we can choose suitable sexy underwear based on the characteristics of the character.For example, if the character is a sexy and charming figure, we can choose red underwear and match some decorations and accessories to increase the overall temperament and beauty.

Part 3: Pay attention to the stage effect

When performing, sexy underwear is not just ordinary underwear.It can be used as a prop on the stage to increase pornographic elements and sexy.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to carefully consider the overall stage effect, and select the appropriate sexy underwear based on the background and settings on the stage.

Part 4: Selection of Color and Fabric

The color and fabrics of sexy underwear also need to be selected according to the character and character’s personality, such as dark, bright, gold, silver, etc.Of course, the erotic underwear of different fabrics has different touch and texture, such as silk, gauze, PU skin, etc. These all need to be selected according to the requirements of the character.

Part 5: Pay attention to quality and health issues

Choosing good quality of sexy underwear can avoid all kinds of embarrassment.Remember not to compromise in quality and health to avoid affecting the quality of the entire performance.When choosing, pay attention to the fabrics, production processes and other conditions, and replace them regularly.

Part 6: Reasonable matching other clothing

Interest underwear is usually matched with other clothing, such as high heels, stockings, etc.Be sure to choose other costumes that are matched with sexy underwear style to increase the overall beauty instead of being used alone.

Part 7: Master the appropriate way of dressing

When wearing a sexy underwear, you need to choose the appropriate way of dressing according to style and personality characteristics, such as high -waist skirts, hot pants, tight skirts, etc.At the same time, pay attention to the tightness and comfort of the underwear to avoid affecting the performance.

Part 8: Pay attention to the light problem

Sex underwear is usually more exposed and needs special attention.It is best to rehearse repeatedly. At the same time, you can use underwear and other underwear to cover important parts to prevent unexpected flash and lighting occasions.

Part 9: Create an atmosphere to increase sexy sex

When wearing sexy underwear, you must also pay attention to the creation of atmosphere and atmosphere in the scene.Use appropriate lighting, music, and smell to adjust the atmosphere of the scene, thereby increasing sexy and pornographic elements.

Part 10: Conclusion

Selection and dressing of sexy underwear requires comprehensive consideration of characteristics, stage effects, and overall atmosphere.Pay special attention to quality and health problems in the selection link, and also pay attention to mastering proper way of dressing and blocking the light.The ultimate goal is to create a sexy and aesthetic atmosphere to add embellishment to the entire performance.

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