Husband’s ex -girlfriend’s sexy underwear

Husband's ex -girlfriend's sexy underwear


Sexy underwear can be said to be a fashion in modern society. Many women are keen on buying various styles of sexy underwear.However, if you share a relationship with your partner and have a ex -girlfriend, there will be an embarrassing situation, that is, he found that he once bought some sexy underwear for his ex -girlfriend. At this time, what should you do at this time, what should you do?Woolen cloth?

Know the style of the former girlfriend’s sexy underwear

First of all, you need to understand the fun underwear style of your ex -girlfriend in order to know the difference between you and your ex -girlfriend.Whether this style is exaggerated, whether it is suitable for your body shape, whether it is in line with your taste, etc., you need to consider it.

Judgment state

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If you find that these sexy underwear have been used, then you need to consider their status.Did they wear too many times, do they need to clean up, and have they lost their charm.If you find that they are in a good state and you like them, you can consider using them.

Washing the skills of sexy underwear in the former girlfriend

If you decide to clean the sexy underwear of his ex -girlfriend, please pay attention to choose the appropriate way of washing.Different materials require different ways of washing, because improper cleaning may damage underwear.At the same time, these erotic underwear may be as a fatal weapon to play, and you need to pay special attention to its hygiene.

Change the style or size

If you don’t like the sexy underwear of your ex -girlfriend or they are not suitable for you, then you can choose different styles and sizes when going to the store.You can’t be afraid of trying new things because of what a person has done before.Choosing your favorite style and size is the right thing, which helps you wear sexy underwear confidently.

Idle treatment

If you don’t want to use the sexy underwear of your ex -girlfriend nor cleaning them, you can consider handling them idle.You can put them in the cabinet, donate them to charity or give them a gift.

Don’t affect your feelings because of this

Reminder: Don’t affect your feelings because of this.These erotic underwear are just objects and should not affect your relationship.If you feel uneasy about this situation or your partner is guilty of this, then you need to talk frankly and don’t let this matter a barrier to your relationship.

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People may experience various embarrassing situations, but we remember not to let these situations affect our mood and emotions.Therefore, we should look at them with a usual heart and treat them correctly.

End language

Remember, although sexy underwear is a fashion, the most important thing is your own self -confidence and comfort.Choose a sexy underwear that suits you instead of changing yourself to cooperate with others and for others.Believe in yourself, enjoy fashion, and be your best self.