If you only wear sexy underwear to the street

If you only wear sexy underwear to the street

If you only wear sexy underwear to the street

Interest underwear is a sexy and charming underwear, which is usually used in the bedroom. So what effects and problems will it bring if you only wear sexy underwear on the street?Here are analysis and suggestions.

1. Strong visual effect

Sex underwear usually uses silk, lace, mesh fabric and other materials. It is unique and beautiful. After putting it on, it can show the sexy and charm of women. The strong visual effects are the most significant.

2. Challenge social norms

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However, wearing erotic underwear on the streets is a violation of social norms and may cause trouble and adverse effects in public places.Therefore, this requires women to consider and abide by social rules carefully.

3. Physical hygiene problem

In addition, sexy underwear usually does not have the functions of sun protection, cold, windproof, and windproof. If women only wear sexy underwear to the streets, they may cause danger to the body, such as excessive exposure and cold.

4. Hidden safety hazards

What’s even more, wearing sexy underwear on the street may suffer hidden dangers such as sexual harassment and sexual assault.Therefore, it is an unwise choice to wear sexy underwear on the street.

5. Social occasion application

However, in some social occasions, such as party and private conferences, wearing sexy underwear can increase femininity and self -confidence, so as to better interact with people and interact with others.

6. Cooperate with clothing and match

If you want to show sexy in public, it is recommended to cooperate with some costumes in appropriate occasions, such as opaque T -shirts, shirts, jackets, etc., you can weaken sexy effects.


7. Personal style preference

Wearing sexy underwear is a personal style preference, but it is not suitable for public places costumes. It is very important to choose and wear carefully.

8. Build a unique personal style

However, as a private underwear, women can choose sexy underwear to build a unique personal style and show their charm. This is a very free and artistic choice.

In short, if it is not appropriate to wear sexy underwear to the streets, women need to consider and choose from multiple aspects.Interest underwear should be protected and respected as personal items, but on appropriate occasions and time, it can well increase women’s charm and self -confidence.