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H2 label: sexy underwear stockings jumping egg: type and function

Sex underwear, stockings and jumping eggs are common types of sex toys. They not only make sexual life more colorful, but also increase the emotional interaction between husband and wife.In the current market, there are many types of sexy underwear and stockings, and each has different functions and scope of applications.Below I will introduce several common sexy underwear and stockings.

H2 label: sex and sexy underwear

Sexual feelings are a specially designed underwear, and their materials and styles are very unique.This underwear is often made of transparent, tulle or lace, which is designed specifically for creating sexy and tempting.Some sexual feelings are also embedded with beads, bells and other accessories on the underwear, which can make your partner more excited.

H2 label: Rabbit Ear Instead underwear

Rabbit ear sexy underwear is a cartoon element sexy underwear, which is often used in role -playing such as slaves and queen.This underwear’s headset is a pair of rabbit ears, which looks very cute.If you want to create a borderless female charm, then rabbit ears are a good choice.

H2 label: whole body net socks

For those who want to spend little money on sex toys, the whole body socks are a good choice.There is not much difference in the appearance of the whole body socks, but they can provide fierce stimulation for their partners.If you want to grab the eyes of your partner and leave a deep impression on him/her, then the whole body socks are a choice that must be considered.

H2 label: vibration stockings

Vibration stockings are a newer product, which is more advanced than other types of stockings and sexy underwear.Vibration stockings have built -in miniature vibration devices, which can bring a very strong sense of stimulation to the lady.If you want to improve the sex experience between husband and wife, then shaking stockings can provide a richer choice.

H2 tag: jumping egg

Jumping eggs are a common sex toy, which are designed as wireless remote control and vibration function.This built -in vibration device can bring infinite pleasure to girls.Not only that, jumping eggs can also enhance the intimate interaction between husband and wife, thereby increasing the emotions between husband and wife.

H2 label: fluorescent sex underwear

Fluorescence underwear is a specially designed underwear. The main feature is luminous glue. This underwear can emit a soft fluorescent effect under the dim light of light.This sexy underwear is best used in darkness. It is a specially designed toy, which can increase the experience of sex toys.

H2 label: Trojan sex underwear

Trojan sex underwear is a kind of sexy underwear designed to simulate the feeling.It can vibrate and shake through the control of the partner, bringing people a feeling similar to real creatures, thereby adding greater interest in sexual life.

H2 label: sexy body socks

Sexy -body socks are a special sexy underwear, which is designed as a kind of tight -fitting jumpsuit.This kind of pants can be designed through different materials and styles such as lace, transparent or leopard, which can improve the interaction and interest between husband and wife.

H2 label: sexy corset

Sexy corset is a kind of sexy affair.This sexy underwear can create a special atmosphere and make the flesh fuller and perfect.Some sexy corsets are still hanging straps, which can make you feel like a sexy angel.

H2 label: conclusion

In general, sexy underwear stockings jumping eggs are a very interesting and fun toy that can increase the interaction and emotion between husband and wife.Different types of sexy underwear and stockings have different characteristics and functions, which can be selected according to personal needs and personality.Therefore, I suggest that you try different types and styles in order to find the sexy underwear and stockings that are most suitable for you and his partner.

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