Interesting underwear Mu Peacock Embroidery

Interesting underwear Mu Peacock Embroidery

Interesting underwear has always been a private thing for women. In order to pursue sexy and beauty, many women spend high -priced buying high -quality underwear.And Mu Mao Peacock embroidered underwear is a popular sexy underwear that is popular with women. Let’s take a closer look at the embroidered underwear of the Peacock Peacock.

1. What is 霏 雀 Peacock embroidered underwear

绣 Mu Peacock embroidered underwear is a sexy sexy underwear, which is made of high -quality fabrics and exquisite embroidery.It is characterized by the embroidery of the peacock. The embroidery is completed with silk threads, needles and cotton lines. It is very artistic and gives people a unique and luxurious feeling.Moreover, its diverse styles and design can be freely chosen for women to choose according to their own figure and status.

2. The material of the peacock peacock embroidered underwear

The fabrics of 绣 Mu Peacock embroidered underwear are usually mixed with silk, cotton and elastic material. They have good breathability and elasticity, and they are very comfortable to wear.It is designed with high translucent fabrics such as lace and mesh, giving people a visually excellent beauty.In addition, the material of this sexy underwear also has good stretching and rebound performance, which is not easy to deform and can be used for a long time.

3. The style of the peacock peacock embroidered underwear

The style of 绣 刺 Peacock embroidery underwear is ever -changing, including bras such as bra, underwear, suspender, and body clothes. Each model has exquisite peacock embroidery patterns.At the same time, these styles can be selected according to their own shape, complexion and occasions.For example, choosing a beautiful and fine -embroidered one -body corset on the chest can show your sexy and beauty to the fullest.

4. The color of the peacock peacock embroidered underwear

The color of this sexy underwear is mostly based on the basic color of white, black, red, etc. At the same time, there are also a variety of colors such as white and red, black and red, etc., which are rich and noble.In particular, it is designed to cater to the unity of Western wedding customs. The use of white and linen gray as the main tone of the mulda peacock embroidered underwear, which is used in the wedding honeymoon, which not only shows the beauty of the bride, but also decent.

5. Price of 雀 5 Peacock embroidered underwear

The prices of Feumu Peacock embroidered underwear are different, ranging from tens to thousands of yuan, and the general price is about 200 yuan.The price is not the only reference factor, and the quality and style are equally important.

6. How to choose the size correctly

When choosing this sexy underwear, you must pay attention to the selection of the size.Because the choice of size is very important, once the size is inappropriate, it will not only affect your dressing comfort, but also affect your beauty.Therefore, when purchasing, you must measure your bust and waist circumference, and select the most suitable size according to the brand’s size table.Or you can try it on to ensure your body size.

7. How to properly wear the muldan peacock embroidered underwear

Putting correctly is an important prerequisite for ensuring the beauty of the peacock to embroidered underwear.When entering the underwear, don’t pull the underwear too high, just place it in the normal position of the waist.If you wear a jacket, be careful that you must gently pull it gently when you can pull straight lace.When wearing a bra, you can choose to embed some thick pads under the bra cup to make your chest more coordinated and beautiful.

8. Wearing a peacock peacock embroidered underwear

绣 Mu Peacock embroidered underwear is a sexy underwear suitable for various occasions. It is very decent on Valentine’s Day, marriage, party and other special occasions.And wearing high -quality and in line with his own body, you can not only show the sexy and charm of women, but also enhance self -confidence and make women more confidently meet the challenges of life.


绣 刺 Peacock embroidered underwear is a very artistic and luxurious sexy underwear. Due to the diverse styles and materials, women can find underwear suitable for their shape and occasions. Wearing this underwear can improve their self -confidence.To achieve the dual goal of sexy and beautiful.

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