Interesting underwear role -playing self -employed

Interesting underwear role -playing self -employed

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a kind of sexy underwear. It is mainly based on silk, lace, yarn and other materials. The design styles are diverse.The pursuit of sexy underwear is sexy, tempting and other visual stimuli. Through the unique design and makeup matching, the wearer produces passion other than sex behavior.

Sex of sex underwear

Interest underwear can be classified in terms of materials, styles, colors, functions, etc., including:

Material classification: silk underwear, lace underwear, gauze net underwear, leather underwear, etc.;

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Style classification: suspender type, vest type, briefs, T -shaped pants, open crotch pants, etc.;

Color classification: black, white, red, purple, pink, etc.;

Function classification: tease sexy underwear, character playing sexy underwear, SM sex lingerie and so on.

Role playing sexy sheet

Character playing with sexy underwear is one of the more popular types of sexy underwear. Through different costumes, it is more colorful to expand the role -playing game to make fun life.Here are several common role -playing sexy underwear types.

Maid’s sexy sheet

The maid’s sexy underwear is mainly black and white color. The upper is packed with tight or camisole, and the lower skirt is short skirts and briefs, with white scarves and hands, and dressed as a housekeeping maid.This kind of sexy underwear is very suitable for the master and servant game between couples and enhance the fun life.

Nurses sexy underwear

The main color of the nurse’s sexy underwear is mainly white, red, and the top is packed with low -cut white underwear and special nurse clothing. The lower part is the same color briefs. With the nurse hat and gloves, the sexy image of the nurse is outline.Wearing a nurse’s erotic underwear can take care, treatment and love lover, making love deeper and more practical.

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Student erotic underwear

Students’ sexy underwear is mainly black and white gray. It uses uniforms or simple shirts and jeans to dress up. With glasses or hair bands, it will leave a unique impression on the lover.Playing students and teachers with lover can greatly relax the mood of both sides and increase intimacy.

Police sexy underwear

Police sexy underwear can show the strong and confident side of women. The main color is blue and black. The top is tight vests and short leather jackets with police emblems and pockets.There are many challenges and fun as a sexy policeman.


Role -playing erotic underwear makes the sexy life more exciting, allowing people to discover more wonderful sex worlds in exploration and experience.Put on the role to play sexy underwear, don’t forget to add appropriate makeup and props to make the whole atmosphere more atmosphere and make your feelings deeper.