Leave the sexy underwear of his ex -girlfriend

Leave the sexy underwear of his ex -girlfriend

Leave the sexy underwear of his ex -girlfriend

After breaking up, do you keep the sexy underwear left by his ex -girlfriend?This is not a common topic, but for many people, this is indeed a problem.If you are troubled by this problem, please continue to read this article, we will provide professional opinions and suggestions.

Why do you keep her erotic underwear?

Before we start discussing whether to leave the sexy underwear of his ex -girlfriend, we need to figure out why you want to leave them.Maybe you are fascinated by these sexy underwear, maybe you like to buy them with your ex -girlfriend, or you just feel that leaving these items can retain some good memories.

The benefits of leaving sex underwear

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Some people think that leaving the sexy underwear of my ex -girlfriend is a memory that can help them get rid of the breakup to some extent.This approach may play some healing role, because these items remind people of a good past, which is a memorial and memory of feelings.

Leave the disadvantage of sexy underwear

Leaving the sexy underwear of his ex -girlfriend may not be appropriate to others, which may cause some embarrassment and confusion.If your current partner finds these items, or your friends enter your room and see these items, then you may suffer a very embarrassing situation.In addition, these items may bring sad and painful memories, making it difficult for you to release, and it may hinder you out of the shadow of breakup.

How to deal with these sexy underwear

Now, let’s consider the method of dealing with the sexy lingerie of the ex -girlfriend.If you think it is useful to leave these items, you should keep them properly.Put them in a private place so that you will not feel uneasy because of the confusion they bring.Or, you can also wrap them, put them in a box that is not often opened, hidden in a place that is not easy to find.

If you think that leaving these items will have a negative impact on you, the best way is to deal with them.You can bravely throw or donate to charity.In this way, you can truly end this relationship and get out of that sad past.

Let the sexy underwear left by my ex -girlfriend help you grow up

Whether you choose to leave the sexy underwear of his ex -girlfriend or deal with them, you should get some useful revelation from it.Breaking up is an opportunity for growth.It may make people feel failure, pain, and difficulty, but at the same time it is also an opportunity for us to learn and grow.Remember, sexy underwear is just objects. Even if you deal with them, it will not affect the feelings and memories between you and his ex -girlfriend.



The above are some thoughts about whether to leave the sexy underwear of my ex -girlfriend.We hope this article can help you make the right decision.No matter what you choose, you should remember that breaking up is just a stop in life.Maintaining optimism and confidence in the future, I believe you will meet better people and better feelings.