Permanently wear sexy underwear on the street spicy text

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a beautiful and sexy underwear. Many women like to wear sexy underwear to increase confidence and attractiveness.However, many people only watch sexy underwear as bedroom clothing without wearing them out.This article will introduce some points of wearing a fun underwear on the street, and provide some skills to make you feel confident and comfortable when wearing fun underwear.

2. Select the right occasion

When you want to wear sexy underwear to the street, you need to choose a suitable occasion.For example, you can wear a set of sexy underwear to expose mixed -match stockings to the bar or party, but this may not be suitable for office or attending a family gathering.Therefore, you need to choose suitable sexy underwear based on the occasion and activities.

3. Pay attention to the matching of clothing

If you decide to go out wearing a sexy underwear, then you need to choose the appropriate accessories and clothing to match.For example, you can put a layer of tulle on the sexy underwear, or wear a cardigan to add some coverage and layering.In addition, when the sexy underwear is matched with pants and skirts, avoid choosing too tight or short skirts, but to choose loose trousers or long skirts to avoid excessive exposure.

4. Pay attention to the quality of the underwear

When you choose sexy underwear to go out, the quality of the underwear has a lot to do with whether it can be comfortable and confident.When buying sexy underwear, choose high -quality materials to ensure that the underwear is comfortable without causing skin discomfort.In addition, underwear is suitable for your size and body shape, so that you can feel confident and beautiful.

5. Pay attention to the manner and posture

When you go out in a messy underwear, your manner and gesture are also very important.You need to maintain an elegant, confident and natural posture to avoid exaggerated or rigid movements.In addition, maintaining and smiling with people’s eyes is also an important way to increase self -confidence and attractiveness.

6. Pay attention to comfort

Wearing a sexy underwear on the street may make you feel a little uncomfortable, so you need to choose the right underwear and keep it comfortable.For example, sexy underwear is generally tight, and changing a set of loose clothes can make you feel more comfortable.When wearing sexy underwear, you should also avoid standing or sitting for a long time to maintain comfort.

7. Follow your own preferences

When you choose to go out in sexy underwear, you need to follow your preferences and make sure you feel confident and comfortable.If you feel that a certain color or style is not suitable for you, then don’t force it to wear it yourself.On the contrary, choose the clothing and underwear that make you feel beautiful and confident, so as to show your best side.

8. Appreciate the eyes of others

If you go out wearing erotic underwear, then you need to face the vision and evaluation of others.However, you need to learn how to appreciate these visions.Wearing sexy underwear to help you build self -confidence and attractiveness, but you also need to understand that people have different interests and aesthetic views. You don’t need to change yourself because of the opinions of others.

9. Conclusion

It is not difficult to wear sexy underwear on the street. As long as you pay attention to occasions, clothing, posture and comfort, and pay attention to your preferences and feelings.Wearing sexy underwear can increase self -confidence and attractiveness, and show your most beautiful and confident side. However, when making a choice, please remember to be practical, confident and comfortable.

10. Viewpoint

Wearing sexy underwear on the street is not a good choice, because sexy underwear can easily cause misunderstandings and prejudice.For female friends, you should still maintain a dignified and elegant manner and the image that does not make people’s misunderstandings. Only in this way can you better show your temperament and literacy.

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