Rope erotic underwear production method video

Rope erotic underwear production method video

Rope erotic underwear is a very popular sexy underwear in recent years. It can show the beautiful figure of women and let people fully experience the fun of sex.But many people don’t know how to make this sexy underwear.Here, I will introduce a simple and easy -to -understand rope erotic underwear to make.

Choose the material of the rope

The first step of making rope sex lingerie is to choose the material of the rope.Generally speaking, the material of the rope erotic underwear is ordinary cotton ropes, hemp ropes, and leather rope.When selecting the material, you can decide according to your preferences and comfort.If you want to be more sexy, you can choose a softer material, such as hemp rope.

Measure the body size

Before making rope erotic underwear, we need to measure the size of the body, including bust, waist, hips, etc.In this way, we can make more accurate sexy underwear for you.

Make a top part

The production top part is the first step in making rope sex lingerie.We need to divide the rope into several stocks, and then weave from the heart to both sides until weave to the arm.Finally combine the arms and the rope on the upper chest.

Make the lower body part

The lower body part is the second step of making rope sex lingerie.We need to woven the rope from the waist, and then weave the shape of the puzzle on both sides.Finally connect the rope.

Tangled chest

Wrapped chest is the third step in making rope sexy underwear.We need to wrap the upper body rope around the chest and make a sexy effect through a tighter way.During the winding process, you need to pay attention to adjusting the tightness of the rope to make the chest look fuller.


Back to the back is the fourth step of making rope sexy underwear.We need to connect the upper body and the rope of the lower body to the back and use a large knot to fix it.This step is more critical. You need to adjust the position of the rope to the appropriate position to make the back feel more comfortable.

Process details

In the process of making rope erotic underwear, sometimes the details are found.For example, if the rope is loosened because of the tightness, we need to adjust it in time.At the same time, you also need to pay attention to the length of the rope, not too long or too short.

Complete rope erotic underwear production

The last step is to complete the production of rope erotic underwear.We need to check whether each part of the rope is correct and fine -tuning according to individual needs.After finishing, you can put on your own rope sexy underwear.


The production of rope sex lingerie looks difficult, but in fact, as long as there is patience and carefulness, you can make a sexy sexy underwear.During the production process, pay attention to the details of the tightness, length, and location of the rope.At the same time, you need to choose the material of the rope according to your personal preference.Rope sex lingerie brings people’s joy in body and soul. I believe everyone can make their favorite erotic underwear.

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