Sakura comes to strike sexy underwear

Sakura comes to strike sexy underwear

Purchase of sexy underwear in spring, don’t forget the artifacts of the fairy -cherry blossoms

Spring has arrived, and the vibrant season is always full of joy and passion.In this beautiful season, choosing the right sexy underwear is definitely a enjoyment.In 2021, cherry blossom elements are hot, especially in Japan. The cherry blossom season is one of the most beautiful scenes in spring.Even if you have no chance to go to Japan in person, you can add cherry blossom elements to your sexy underwear to feel the beauty of spring.

Origin of Cherry Blossom Elements

Sakura element is inherited from Japanese culture.The Japanese regard the cherry blossoms as the flower of life, thinking that life is short, like cherry blossoms, and the past is now, so every time the cherry blossom season, the Japanese will enjoy cherry blossoms, flowers, poems, and painting.At the same time, cherry blossoms are also known as flower gods, love gods, fairy, etc., giving people a mysterious feeling.In the design of sexy underwear, the addition of cherry blossom elements especially cater to women’s longing for romance and dreams.

Design of cherry blossom element

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Sakura element can be integrated into the design, can be used as the theme or as an embellishment.The designers are integrated into various colors on the graceful cherry blossoms to form various styles.For example: romantic pink, sexy red, charming black, can blend with cherry blossom elements, evoking the emotional resonance of women’s hearts.

Sakura Powder’s sexy underwear

Sakura pink underwear is most suitable for spring weather.Cherry powder is a very soft color, which will not make people feel too sweet nor affect women’s sexy.If you want to choose a sexy and diverse sexy underwear, then you must choose cherry blossom pink.

Pure black partner

For bold and challenging women, we recommend that they choose the interpretation of cherry blossoms on pure black underwear.The combination of cherry blossoms and black is perfect.Underwear uses pure black as the main color, and add some cherry blossom patterns to bra and underwear, so that this can make the underwear less monotonous.

Sakura underwear on the sexy route

When designing sexy underwear, it depends on the needs of women.Some women like to take a sexy route. For these women, we recommend choosing a transparent underwear.And some cherry blossom elements are designed in part of the beam of the underwear, which can make the underwear more unique.

Mixing and matching with wide -sleeved cherry blossom underwear

The mix and match of underwear and coats has become one of the trend of fashion today, so cherry blossom underwear and special clothing can also create a different style.For example, the mixing and matching of wide -jersey and cherry blossom underwear can not only give people a unique matching feeling, but also enhance the visual effects of cherry blossom underwear and deepen the fashion sense of fashion.

Teddies & Bodysuits

Add to the color of cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms are not only a kind of flower, but also multiple colors. Sakura white is the purest, while dark pink looks more sexy and dynamic.Therefore, in the design of sexy underwear, different colors can be selected according to your needs, such as the sexy and gentleness of white cherry blossoms, the passion and dynamic of dark pink cherry blossoms, which can become excellent design elements.

Sakura underwear fabric

When choosing a sexy underwear, the fabric of the underwear is also very important.We recommend choosing soft and comfortable fabrics, such as lace, satin, silk, etc.These fabrics are a combination of comfort and sexy, and at the same time, they can also show the beauty of cherry blossoms while ensuring the comfort of underwear.


Sakura is not only a national symbol of Japan, but also a good element in the design of sexy underwear.The shape and color of cherry blossoms are very suitable for joining the design of sexy underwear.If you pursue comfortable and sexy when you choose to buy fun underwear, you must choose a cherry -element underwear to make spring more beautiful and touching.