Sex lingerie ranking

Sex lingerie ranking


With the development of society, sexy underwear is no longer just sexual products, but has become a symbol of fashion.In the market, there are many brands of sexy underwear, and fabrics, styles, and design are very different.In this article, we will introduce some of the most popular sexy underwear brands.

Victoria’s Secret

As one of the most well -known sexy lingerie brands, Victoria’s secret has a large number of sexy and stylish sexy underwear.Whether it is beautiful lace, retro style or sports pants, they make women feel confident, sexy and comfortable.

La Perla

Lace Bra Bodycon Dress – 12928

La Perla is another exquisite sexy underwear brand.From soft lace to perfect tailoring and design, La Perla focuses on details and quality.One of the most famous products of the brand is its devil’s body auxiliary underwear. They make the waist tighter and highlight the beauty of women.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is one of the relatively novel brands in the sex lingerie market. The brand is committed to providing innovative and interesting sexy underwear.The team is based on various cultural elements, thereby creating countless creative and fashionable fashion.Whether you wear small bile pants or other styles such as Moca Star Mango apricot, Agent Provocateur will make you feel a different experience.


Bordelle pays attention to details and craftsmanship, and its design reveals very strong classical and modern styles.The brand often uses the details of leather and metal, and continues to innovate on the basis of its Victorian era, thereby creating unique and practical sexy underwear.


Bluebella provides more affordable sexy underwear, and focuses on style and comfort.The brand uses the tailoring and style of fabrics to show the solemn and soft temperament, with a low -key and high -quality style.

L’Agent by agent provocateur

L’Agent By Agent Provocateur is a combination of sexy design and fairy -tale colors. It caters to various customers through its rich and gorgeous lace, huge bow and handmade details.The brand also provides securities rating for different types of underwear.

Plus Lingerie Set

Pleasure State

Pleasure State offers a deep emotional and rich sexy underwear.Brands usually use unique printing design, high -quality fabrics and accessories, which show a luxurious and fresh feeling.

Calvin Klein Underwear

Calvin Klein Underwear is the leader of the sex lingerie brand market.The brand’s design is very concise, including stretching fabrics, seamless underwear and simple color design.Calvin Klein Underwear is very loved by men. They look unique and close.

Fleur of English

Fleur of England is a British -based brand, and all sexy underwear is handmade.Brands often use soft silk and lace, and provide a variety of interesting and modern printing, so that every customer can feel the unique fashion experience.


This is just an introduction to a small part of the sexy lingerie brand, and there are many other brands in the market.Whether you want to show super confidence and sexy, or to find a soft and sweet temperament, we believe that there is always a meeting that can meet your needs.