Sex underwear open files improper privacy

Sex underwear open files improper privacy

What is sexy underwear?

Sex underwear is designed to enhance sexy and cause sexual desire.They are usually made of transparent materials, lace, mesh fabrics, and other exposed elements. They are usually equipped with attachments such as stockings, high heels, handcuffs, collars, etc., so that their wearers can achieve visual stimulation and psychological stimulation.

What is the sexy underwear?

Open sex underwear is a specially designed part of the genital location to reveal a sexy part, allowing the wearer to easily display the private parts, extending sexy to the extreme, which can meet specific sexual pleasure needs.

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The risk of opening sexy underwear

Improper wearing of sexy underwear may bring great risks, especially in public places or occupations who often contact people (such as waiters, assistants, salespersons, etc.).Harm and expose their private parts, causing sexual harassment or violence, and the probability of suffering will increase.

How to wear a sexy underwear safely?

Pay attention to the occasion of wearing sexy underwear. Do not gather the place where many people are gathered in public in public; pay attention to quality when choosing sexy underwear, choose a good quality sexy underwear, do not blindly pursue low -priced inferior sexy underwear; if you pursue pursuingThe effect of fluorescence and flashing, it is recommended to buy products in adult sex products stores.

How to judge whether the sexy underwear is safe?

Safe sex lingerie usually has a label of manufacturers.You can view the brand, production date, place of production, quality assurance, material information contained in the label.Determine whether the mode and method that is appropriate should be strictly followed by the instructions or the evaluation and suggestions of believe in professionals.

Precautions on specific occasions

If you want to wear a sexy underwear, you may need to consider the precautions on specific occasions.On the occasion of gatherings, weddings, etc., because of respecting others, it is not recommended to wear such clothes.On sex occasions, you can wear sexy underwear to create a sexy atmosphere and reach the peak of sex.You also need to pay attention to avoid duplicate wear. It is best to use toilet paper for cleaning and disinfection each time.

How to maintain and maintained the sexy underwear?

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Remember to clean immediately after use to prevent bacteria residues and reproduce, leading to odor or ball.When cleaning, you should pay attention to using mild cleaning products. Do not use it too hard and wash your hands gently. It is best not to use dry cleaning mechanical means, because this will destroy the fabric of sexy underwear.

The benefits of wearing sexy underwear in sex

Interest underwear has very significant benefits for increasing sex.It can improve the atmosphere of sexual desire, romance and excitement, and enhance confidence. In addition, the use of sexy underwear is also a pure sex activity that can relieve stress and help people better enjoy the climax of human nature.


Although sexy underwear is to help enhance sexual desire and bring visual sexual stimulation tools, if you ca n’t pay attention to the occasions and methods of use, you sometimes bring trouble for yourself and lose it.Therefore, we should rationally treat the sexy underwear, master the correct wear and maintenance methods, and reasonably apply it in the sex life with partners, so as to achieve the effect of pleasure and sexual satisfaction.