Sex underwear purchase pathway

Sex underwear purchase pathway

Sales of sex underwear

There are many sales stores in sexy underwear, but there are generally two ways to purchase: buy directly from the manufacturer and purchase from the wholesale market.

Purchase directly from the manufacturer

Choosing to purchase directly from the manufacturer can get lower prices, but it is required to have higher sensitivity to the market.Some sexy underwear manufacturers have their own online stores that can directly place orders or contact sales staff through telephone or mail.

Purchase from wholesale market

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The way to purchase from the wholesale market is suitable for small -scale shops, the advantage is that the supply is stable, but the price may not be the lowest.There are many wholesale markets, such as Yiwu small commodity market, Guangzhou Baima Clothing City, etc.Some large e -commerce platforms, such as Taobao,, etc. also have the wholesale and purchase channels of sexy underwear.

Pay attention to the legitimacy of the purchase channel

When choosing the purchase channel, you must pay attention to its legitimacy. Check on the official website of the government department to check whether there is a registered information of the store and whether there is a regular operating qualification to avoid business risks due to the problem of purchase channels.

Pay attention to product quality and after -sales service

When selecting the purchase channel of sexy underwear, in addition to the stable price and supply, we must also pay attention to product quality and after -sales service.When choosing a manufacturer’s purchase, you can test water from a small amount. If the quality of the goods is good and after -sales service is timely, the purchase volume can be gradually increased.

Consider the trend of fashion

Interesting underwear should not only consider prices and quality, but also pay attention to the trend of fashion.Pay close attention to major international fashion weeks and domestic fashion magazines, understand the latest popular styles of various brands, and avoid outdated styles, colors and styles accumulated in the warehouse.It can be combined with its own store positioning, target groups and regional characteristics to buy sexy underwear that meets local characteristics and consumer needs.

Consider inventory management

When buying, you must consider the problem of inventory management.Try to maintain the inventory at the appropriate level to avoid the backlog of goods and cause waste.Promotion can be carried out by appropriate promotional methods, such as discounts, gifts, etc. to reduce inventory pressure.


Pay attention to marketing strategies

After purchasing, you also need to pay attention to formulating suitable marketing strategies for different people, to play the sexuality and sexuality of sexy underwear, and can increase the popularity and sales of brands and products through online and offline promotion strategies.

Other experience and suggestions

In addition to the above suggestions, there are some places to pay attention to.For example, the choice and cost control of express delivery, logistics, the maintenance of the relationship between partners and customers, and the continuous innovation and update of sexy lingerie styles.In short, it is very important to choose the purchase channel and formulate a suitable strategy, but in the specific implementation, we must also continue to summarize the lessons and lessons, and continue to optimize and adjust.


The sexy underwear market has huge potential, but there are also many competition and risks.By choosing the right purchase channels, focusing on product quality and trend, considering inventory management and formulating targeted marketing strategies, you can get good sales performance and return.It is believed that while constantly summing up experience and adjustment strategies, the sexy underwear business will be better and better.