Sexy lingerie navel picture appreciation


Interesting underwear, as a special type of underwear, has a very unique design style and use.Among them, navel sex underwear is liked by many female friends, because it can not only reflect the curve beauty of women’s figure, but also create a sexy and tempting atmosphere.

Sexy atmosphere

The design of the navel erotic underwear is very special. It is mainly to expose the umbilical part to increase the visual impact of the underwear. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the navel sex underwear will choose a tight -fitting material to make the underwear close to the outline of the female body.In this way, after matching elements such as lace and bow, the style of the entire underwear is very sexy, and it is easy to give people a feeling of pornography and temptation.


Like other erotic underwear, it is very important to match, and the navel sex underwear is no exception.In terms of matching style, you can choose according to personal preferences and scene requirements, such as a short skirt, or directly wearing beige or black tight pants, which are very good choices.


The size of the navel sex lingerie is not large to the general underwear, but there are some special properties in materials.The more common materials include lace, gauze, elastic fabric, etc. The characteristics of these materials are relatively thin and transparent, which will better fit the curve of women’s bodies.


When choosing to expose umbilical underwear, you must pay attention to the brand and quality.After all, this underwear must be directly in contact with the skin. If the material is not good or the pressure is too large, it will affect the health of women.Therefore, it is recommended that you choose some well -known brands of products, and at the same time, you can also refer to the purchase experience and word -of -mouth evaluation of some netizens to better increase the probability of successful purchase.

color match

In color matching, white, black, red and other colors are relatively classic choices. After all, these colors are easier to match with other clothing elements.Of course, if some female friends who are full of personality want to try other colors, they can also choose according to their needs.

For people

Navel sexy underwear is not suitable for all female friends. It requires certain confidence and courage.Generally speaking, if the woman is slimmer and the abdominal lines are more beautiful, wearing a nagge -umbilical underwear will have a very good display effect.Of course, if female friends are fat or rough abdomen lines, it is not recommended to wear this underwear.

cleaning method

In terms of washing methods, there is no difference between navel sexy underwear and ordinary underwear, but it should be noted that during the cleaning process, you must avoid too rudely pulling or friction, which may cause material damage or deformation.

Wearing occasion

The occasions of exposed and sexy underwear are special, mainly suitable for some sexy and private occasions, such as intimate communication or meeting with partners.Although it is a private clothing, it does not mean that it can only be worn at home. As long as the occasion is appropriate, female friends can wear it outdoors to show their unique temperament and self -confidence.


As a special underwear product, the navel erotic underwear can not only highlight the aesthetics of women’s curves, but also give people a sexy and tempting feeling.However, it should be noted that when buying, you must choose a formal brand and a product suitable for your body. When you wear it, you must also pay attention to the adaptability of the occasion.Only in this way can we better show the charm of umbilical lingerie.

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