Sexy lingerie shows two bra videos

Sexy lingerie shows two bra videos

Sexy lingerie shows two bra videos

Types of bra

Before understanding the bras of love underwear, we need to understand the type of the bra first.The most common bras are divided into three types: full cups, half cups and triangular cups.Among them, the whole cup is covered with the most, and the middle of the half cup is not covered. The triangular cup only has a triangle and a piece of fabric covers the nipples and areola.


In addition to the sexy effect, the bra also has functions that support the chest, prevent chest sagging, and protect the nipples.Therefore, it is especially important to choose the right bra.

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Type of sex underwear bra

Unlike ordinary underwear, the types of bras in sex underwear are more rich and diverse.Among them, bra, mesh bra, lace bra, transparent bra, and so on.

Show a bra

Exposing a bra is a bolder in sexy underwear.Their design is to expose the nipples and areolas, emphasizing the sexy and tempting of women.


Compared with revealing bras, the screen brans look more gorgeous, suitable for some elegant women.The mesh bra uses a transparent mesh fabric, which can slightly expose the skin and increase the sexy temptation of women.

Lace bra

Lace bra is a more traditional type of sexy underwear.Their design uses delicate lace fabrics, which not only guarantees sexy, but also takes into account comfort.

Transparent bra

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Transparent bra is a design of challenge limit.The transparent fabric can expose the nipples and areola, making women look more sexy and domineering.

How to choose the right sexy underwear bra

Choose the right sexy underwear bra to choose according to your figure and preference.If the chest is relatively small, you can choose a bra with thick pads to increase the fullness of the chest; if the chest is relatively large, you need to choose a more supportive bra to avoid drooping problems.


The matching of sexy underwear is also very important.If the bra is more sexy, you can match some conservative skirts to balance.If the bra is gorgeous, you can match some simple items to highlight the highlights.


You need to pay attention to the following points of sexy underwear bra: 1. Do you feel comfortable to touch; 2. Whether you can effectively support your chest; 3. Beauty and sexy.


In general, there are rich types of sex underwear bra, and each bra can highlight the sexy and charm of women.When choosing, you need to choose according to your body and preferences, and you also need to pay attention to the support and comfort of the bra.