Sexy underwear early shooting

Sexy underwear early shooting

Sexy underwear early shooting

Interest underwear is a underwear that increases sexual fun and fun through wearing, but many people will have early shooting when wearing sexy underwear, affecting the quality of sex.What causes sexy underwear to shoot early?How to avoid early shooting?Below, we will introduce it in detail for everyone.

1. Sexual underwear material problem

Choosing the wrong material will cause male sensitive nerves to become more sensitive, and it is easy to produce premature physiological reactions and cause early shooting.Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate sexy underwear material.

2. Sex underwear size problems

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If the size of the sexy underwear is not suitable, it will produce too much friction on the waist or scrotum to make the sex organs more sensitive.Therefore, choosing the appropriate sexy underwear size is also one of the important factors to avoid early shooting.

3. Sex underwear is too tight

Too much body can prevent the penis from shrinking and cause discomfort, or even pain.Therefore, choosing the right sexy underwear style is also the key.

4. Sexy underwear stimulates strongly

Underwear full of interesting colors is usually given more or less excitement, and this feeling will make people more excited and excited, and it is easy to cause the prostate excitement to be too strong, resulting in early shooting.

5. The order order is wrong

If men are immediately involved in sexual activity after wearing sexy underwear, it is likely to shoot early.Therefore, it is important to choose the appropriate time to participate.

6. Excessive fantasy

The emergence of sexy underwear will cause countless sexual fantasies. Excessive fantasies will greatly increase the seizure rate of tension syndrome, which will lead to early shooting.


7. Personal physiological problems

If there is a physiological problem such as insufficient testosterone secretion, it will also cause early shooting.

8. Ignore premeditated control

If men ignore their nodes after wearing sexy underwear, excessively and impulsive participation will greatly increase the probability of early shooting.

9. Pay attention to the guidance

If men encounter problems in sexual work and are not adjusted in time, they will have a sorrowful emotion, which is very unfavorable to avoid early shooting.

10. Lack of physical training

If the man’s body lacks sufficient exercise, it will lead to incomplete physical strength and quickly reach orgasm.

To sum up, in order to avoid the phenomenon of early ejaculation of sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the above matters.A suitable erotic underwear should be suitable for personal size, materials, and design. Do not deliberately pursue excessive stimulation. At the same time, you must carefully selectively selectively selectively sexual sex to regulate your physical condition in order to achieve a more comfortable, healthy and happy sex life.Essence