Sexy underwear is too unfriendly to small breasts

Sexy underwear is too unfriendly to small breasts

1 Introduction

In recent years, more and more women have begun to pay attention to their underwear, especially sexy underwear.However, some small breasts found that these underwear are too unfriendly for them.It is difficult for them to find sexy underwear suitable for their figure. Many times they have to choose some underwear that intentionally or unintentionally exaggerate their chests.

2. The defects of sexy underwear design

Most of the sexy lingerie is designed with great attention, such as thickened cups, filling sponges, etc., which is unnecessary for some small breast girls.Such underwear design will make the breasts of small breasts look flat and loses the original curve beauty.Some small underwear brands lack the ability to focus on details and design, and are more suitable for full women.

3. Poor material quality

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The quality of some sexy underwear is not proper. Underwear with poor material quality can cause itching, tingling, allergies and other symptoms, especially for sensitive skin ladies.This makes them disgusted with sexy underwear, let alone enjoy the feeling and happiness brought by dressing.

4. Inaccurate size

Some sex underwear brands produced in underwear is inaccurate and do not meet actual needs.Some underwear cups are too small, and some underwear size is too large.These all increase the difficulty of buying sexy underwear.Small breasts are more likely to encounter these problems because they pay more attention to the comfort of the cup.

5. Lack of diversity

The design diversity of sexy underwear is often based on a more full body woman, and lacks consideration of women in small breasts.Many small breasts like relatively low -key designs or soft fabrics, but there are few underwear styles specifically designed for small breasts in the market.

6. Affect self -confidence

Wearing sex underwear must be a personal choice, but for small breasts, it is difficult for them to wear sexy underwear to show their bodies.It often produces inferiority, and even completely abandon the choice of wearing sex underwear.This affects their confidence and beauty.

7. Suggestions

First of all, small breast girls should choose professional sexy underwear brands. These brands will have some specialized clothing styles, suitable for different types of figures.Secondly, small -breasted girls need to choose materials and sizes suitable for their underwear.Do n’t wear it because of good -looking styles. Be sure to choose underwear that is really suitable for you.

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8. Conclusion

When choosing a sexy underwear, small breasts also need to pay attention to matching their own figure characteristics, choose the brand that suits them and the design, size and fabric that suits them, so as to truly enjoy the confidence and pleasure brought by wearing sexy underwear, presenting it, presenting it, presenting it.Out of your own beauty.