Sexy underwear leak sanitary napkin

Sexy underwear leak sanitary napkin

Sexy underwear leak sanitary napkin

In the modern daily life, sexy underwear is becoming more and more loved by women. As a tool for enhancing emotional and sexual life between husband and wife, its relevant knowledge is becoming more and more important.It is often found that sanitary napkins are exposed when wearing sexy underwear. This is not only not beautiful, but also makes people embarrassed in sexual behavior.So, how to correctly wear sexy underwear and how to avoid the exposure of sanitary napkins?Let’s discuss the solution of sexy underwear leaking sanitary napkins.

Choose sexy underwear that meets your size

When buying sexy underwear, if the size is not suitable, it is easy to cause various problems during the wear process, such as: the underwear is too narrow, the sanitary napkin cannot be completely fixed; the bonding part of the sanitary napkin is pulled by too tight underwear and so on.Therefore, first of all, you must choose a sexy underwear that conforms to your own size, which can completely wrap your body and sanitary napkins to avoid leaking out.

Select sexy underwear with good air permeability

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In addition to the size of the size, it is also the key to choosing the material of sexy underwear.Some underwear materials are not breathable. Putting on a wet state will affect the health of the private parts, and it is easy to deform sanitary napkins and cause exposure.Therefore, we should choose sexy underwear with good air permeability, which can not only keep the private parts dry, but also avoid exposure of sanitary napkins due to deformation.

Choose the right sanitary napkin size and type

The size and type of sanitary napkin are also very important.If the selected sanitary napkin is too small, it will not only make the private parts not dry enough, but also increase the burden of private parts.Choosing a sanitary napkin with appropriate size can ensure that it is completely covered with leak -proof and will reduce the burden of private parts.In addition, different sideline sanitary napkins are different. In order to avoid embarrassment, we need to understand our own physiological period and choose a suitable type of sanitary napkin.

Correctly fixed sanitary napkin

Whether wearing fun underwear or ordinary underwear, it is important to fix the sanitary napkin correctly.Some women may put the sanitary napkins incorrectly, causing loosening in action and leaking out.The correct method of fixing the sanitary napkin is to fix the adhesion in the center of the panties, so that the sanitary napkin can be better put on the underwear and avoid loosening.Note: Do not leave wrinkles at the post, otherwise the folds will cause the sanitary napkin to be unstable and prone to problems.

Select the sexy underwear of a professional brand

There are many sexy underwear in the market today, and some of them do not have quality assurance. These sexy underwear may have no standard size, and may even have problems such as transparent and looseness.In response to this situation, we should choose the sexy underwear of a reputable professional brand. The quality is guaranteed, the size is standardized, and there will be no various problems.

With a tape or underwear coat

In order to avoid leaking the sanitary napkin, we can use a tape to fix the sanitary napkin inside the underwear, or use the underwear cushion to prevent the sanitary napkin from overflowing.This method can ensure that the sanitary napkins are tightly fit the panties to avoid leaking.


Avoid excessive activities

If you wear sexy underwear and do severe activities, it is easy to cause sanitary napkins to fall off or get stuck, so we should avoid excessive violent activities.

Keep your private parts clean

No matter what kind of sexy underwear wears, keep the private parts clean and avoid private infection or odor, which can ensure the health of the body.Clean work during physiological should pay more attention, because there may be blood and secretions in the menstrual underwear, and it must be replaced and kept in time.


It is very important to avoid leakage of sanitary napkins in the process of buying and wearing sexy underwear.Correctly choose sexy underwear suitable for your size, choose sexy underwear materials with good temperament and breathability, click the appropriate sanitary napkin size and type to avoid excessive violent activities and keep private parts clean. These methods can avoid sanitary napkin leaks very wellThe problem coming out.By using interesting underwear and sanitary napkins reasonably, we can increase the contradictions and emotions between husband and wife, and at the same time to ensure our health and comfort.