Sexy underwear male slave tuning

Sexy underwear male slave tuning

Preliminaries to solve the love underwear male slave tuning

Sexy underwear male slave tuning is a special sexual behavior.Its main purpose is to stimulate more and more deeper pleasure, passion and enthusiasm through specific ways.Under this feeling, people can get a very pleasant experience and feeling.However, not everyone can understand and participate in the sexy underwear male slave training, so it is necessary to have a certain understanding and preparation to carry out this behavior.

Buy suitable sexy underwear

Before the sexy underwear men’s slave training, you need to choose a suitable sexy underwear.It is best to choose sexy underwear with good quality, soft material, and high comfort.At the same time, pay attention to choosing the right style and size, because inappropriate sexy underwear will affect the entire tuning process.

Safety measures are essential

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When performing sexy underwear men, safety measures are essential.Because this method of tuning has certain risks and danger.Therefore, when training, the following safety measures need to be taken: using safe products with allergies; keeping clean; avoiding excessive stimulation, etc.

Master rhythm and strength

When making fun underwear men, you must master the rhythm and intensity.Select the adjustment rhythm and strength according to the response and needs of male slaves.Because different male slaves have different physical characteristics, psychological needs, and response status, they need to be adjusted accordingly.

Reasonable matching accessories

When making sexy underwear men, it is also necessary to match accessories reasonably.Such as handcuffs, feet, mouthball, leather rope, etc.These accessories can help male slaves feel better, and at the same time can increase the fun and stimulus of tuning.

Oral communication is very important

Oral communication is very important when the sexy underwear male slaves are trained.Both men and women should pay attention to the choice of language and tone, and communicate on the basis of mutual respect.The two sides should conduct verbal exchanges according to each other’s physical response and psychological needs, so as to better achieve the effect of tuning.

Master security words

It is also very important to master security words when performing sexy lingerie men.Because in the process of tuning, unexpected situations may occur at any time, such as the discomfort of male slaves.At this time, the two sides need to negotiate and determine safety words in advance to stop the training in time when needed.

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Understand the physical characteristics of male slaves

It is also necessary to understand the physical characteristics of male slaves before the male slave tunes of sex underwear.For example, the health of male slaves, sensitive points of the body, etc., this information can help the female lead to better tun.In addition, you also need to understand the gender orientation of male slaves, physical experience, etc., in order to better cooperate and adjust the training process.

Give the male slave to fully rest time

When the male slave is trained in sex, the male slave must be fully resting.Because the training process involves the dual stimulus of physical and mental, it may have a certain negative impact on the body and psychology of male slaves.Therefore, the female lead needs to pay attention to the response of male slaves, give appropriate rest time and psychological care.


Sex underwear men’s slave training requires both parties on the basis of respecting, trusting and understanding.When the hostess is conducting training, pay attention to the physical response and needs of the male slave, and adjust and cooperate according to the actual situation.At the same time, the female lead should pay attention to her own safety and health to avoid accidents during the training process.