Sexy underwear model Kiki Outflow Video

Sexy underwear model Kiki Outflow Video

Sexy underwear model Kiki Outflow Video: The beginning and end of the incident

Recently, a sexy video called Kiki on Taobao,, and Pinduoduo’s e -commerce platforms, has caused a lot of sexy videos.This incident has aroused widespread public attention.Next, we will introduce the beginning and end of the incident in detail.

Who is Kiki?

Kiki is a young woman who serves as a sexy underwear model on the e -commerce platform. She lacks excellent face, but has a very outstanding figure, which makes her highly favored in the field of sexy underwear.She has participated in e -commerce live broadcasts many times and won the love of many fans.This also won more traffic and sales when selling sexy underwear.


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It is understood that Kiki’s sexy videos are obscene and have nothing to do with her sexy underwear business.These videos are likely to be shot in private and have not been authorized or tolerated by the e -commerce platform.However, these videos spread on some Internet communities, which has caused some people’s behavior.The e -commerce platform subsequently issued a statement to condemn this behavior and said that it would shoot a satisfactory sexy underwear sales video.

Harm analysis

This situation will not only endanger Kiki’s career interruption, but she will also have an adverse effect on the disagreement of obscene content.In addition, this kind of sexy video circulating on the Internet has become a new form of Internet rights protection, and e -commerce platforms especially need to pay attention to the protection of the privacy and personal rights of shoppers at all times.

Relevant laws and regulations

Article 265 of the Chinese Criminal Law clearly stipulates that if it is profitable by spreading obscene items, it will be sentenced to imprisonment, detention or control of five years, and a single fine; if the circumstances are relatively light, they are detained, controlled or fined.


The e -commerce platform should monitor the words and deeds of sexy underwear models during the live broadcast. It should stop any improper words and deeds in time to prevent similar incidents from happening again.In addition, when recruiting sexy underwear models, you should be more cautious and check the background and behavior of personnel to prevent professional incidents from happening.

Wang Gongquan: The original incident exposure

Wang Gongquan, who exposed the Kiki incident, received the attention of public opinion in social life.In response, he said in an interview that his purpose was to expose a bad industry credit environment and called on the public to pay attention to the bad behavior in sexy underwear e -commerce.

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Kiki Apologies

After the incident was fermented, Kiki also issued an apology statement, admitting that his behavior was wrong, expressed his willingness to bear all the consequences, and would work hard to correct his mistakes and start life again.

Impact on the brand

This incident also had a certain impact on the sexy underwear brands represented by Kiki.Some shoppers have a decline in trust in the brand and may reduce sales.However, the further development of the brand may depend on the performance of its reactions and measures in the event.

Event summary

After this incident, the sexy underwear e -commerce platform can learn from it.The supervision of professional credit should be strengthened and more prudent recruitment of sexy underwear models.Public figures such as Kiki should be learned, strictly regulate their behaviors, and make the existence of public expectations.