Sexy underwear offline live broadcast goods

Sexy underwear offline live broadcast goods

Inflotic underwear Line Live First Experience

With the development of the Internet, live broadcast has become a new way of sales, and more and more brands have begun to sell goods in live broadcasts.Recently, I participated in an offline live sales event of sexy underwear, and the whole process made me eye -opening.

The venue layout is ingenious

Compared with the traditional store layout, the venue layout selected by the live underwear is unique, combined with European and American design elements.A wall can be separated from different private spaces to fully meet consumers’ needs for privacy.

The anchor image is fascinating

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In the live broadcast room, the anchor as a key person for sales must be perfect in terms of image.The anchor in the live broadcast not only has a good appearance, but also has a bumpy figure, but also fascinating, showing the charm of sexy underwear in various attitudes.

Product display detailed in place

Various types of sexy underwear are displayed in the live broadcast room. The anchor provides a detailed introduction to the material, color, size and other information of each underwear.Those who understand the effect of underwear more intuitively.

Do not miss the special benefits of live broadcast

In terms of promotion, live broadcast live broadcasts are also different from traditional activities.The anchor prepares a variety of special benefits, such as high value gifts, time -limited discounts, etc., so that consumers can buy their favorite underwear without leaving home, and enjoy additional benefits.

Interactive links increase interest

During the live broadcast, the anchor also set up some interactive mini -games to increase the fun of the activity.Consumers can get additional coupons, or win gifts after receiving challenges.This interactive atmosphere is more closely related to consumers.

Feedback of the live broadcast of the live broadcast room

Consumers can comment at any time in the live broadcast room. The anchors responded to questions in time to eliminate consumer concerns, which makes consumers more assured to buy.During the live broadcast, the anchor will also directly interact with consumers’ private messages to solve shopping problems in a safer and convenient way.


After -sales service is intimate and thoughtful

There is a certain risk of buying sexy underwear, so good after -sales service is particularly important.The online live broadcast of sexy lingerie provides online after -sales service, and is equipped with a special after -sales service personnel with considerate after -sales service for consumers for 24 hours.

Personal privacy is protected

Because of its special nature, consumers who buy sexy underwear pay special attention to personal privacy protection.Live broadcast of sexy lingerie can provide personalized services. For example, direct private messages allow consumers to choose more cautious shopping plans to protect consumers’ personal information.


Generally speaking, the interactiveness, real -time, and professionalism of sexual underwear live broadcasts are excellent, and it will become an increasingly unsatisfactory sales strategy of more and more brands.Consumers can get personalized and humanized services in live broadcasts, and better understand and choose their favorite underwear. It is a new shopping experience.