Sexy underwear opens milk

Sexy underwear opens milk

Interesting underwear is the product of a modern society. With the aesthetic trend of people, its styles and functions are continuously updated and upgraded.Open milk sexy underwear is one of the updated forms.This kind of sexy underwear has a very high sexy and irritating, and is an important little prop in sex.Below, let’s explore this sexy underwear in depth.

Two designs of confinement and open type

Opening milk and sexy underwear designed women’s private parts on underwear, so as to avoid women from taking off their underwear in sex.According to the design of the underwear, the opening of milk and sexy underwear are divided into two types: one is open and the other is a closed type.

1. closed type

On product -related websites, this kind of underwear is often indicated above the website. It is generally integrated design.In this sexy underwear, there will be a significant visible lower limit when partial opening. It is commonly known as the trace, and there will be a milk support design in the part of the contact with the chest, which will increase the squeezing effect of the bursting and the visual effect of inspiring.

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2. Open style

Open type allows women to create a more open atmosphere in sex.This underwear often has other designs, such as open feet, so as to create a larger venue.

The selection and wearing precautions for underwear

Before using milking sexy underwear, women need to measure their figures and women’s lines.Because the design of this erotic underwear is for curve plasticity, it is necessary to maintain the state of closeness to the body, so as to produce the most perfect effect.So choose the size that is suitable for your body to achieve better results.

The material of the underwear is also a little more attention, because the comfort and style of the fabric of milk and the general sex underwear are different, and the composition materials and elasticity are different.In terms of comfort, better fabrics will not excessively restrict the ability of the body, and it is not easy to relax, so it is recommended to consider these details.

Some sexy underwear is more sensitive to the skin, so more precautions are needed. For exampleEndanger risks.

Pay attention to the proficiency of the work depends on the details

The most important thing is enthusiastic with this sexy underwear.After wearing a woman’s body in milk sex lingerie, it is important to pay attention to how to make it the greatest role.

First of all, it can make the local numbness, thereby reinforcing the pleasure.In addition, clothes need to be replaced during continuous use time to reduce the burden on the skin.


The combination of sexual tools can assist the effect of milking sexy underwear, such as sex ball balls, which helps improve the sensory experience, while improving the practicality of milking sexy underwear.


In summary, opening milk sexy underwear is a product of high -tech, a perfect combination of fashion and comfort.Choosing appropriate materials and sizes can improve comfort, and matching tools can improve practicality.But pay attention to the protection of hygiene before use.After understanding the above points, let’s turn on a more irritating and pleasure sex journey together.